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Default Warning signs of a BYB

Recently I have noticed a lot of new SM members coming here looking for guidance on finding Maltese breeders.
From my experience I would like to share my thoughts on BYB and what I would look for as a warning sign.

BYB are motivated by profit. They appear to be nice people who treat their dogs as family pets and appear to have the dogs at their best interest. They are extremely personable and are very convincing with their answers.

That said~ continuously breeding these Maltese year after year, litter after litter for profit purely jeopardizes the health of the animal as my Lacie is the living proof of what I am saying.
Even those few BYB who do the occasional litter per year, so they do not appear to be a puppymill , DO NOT have the knowledge on how to breed responsibly.
Just because they are bred in a nice warm cozy home does not mean they are not neglected or cared for like they should be.

Just a few things to come to mind when looking for your next fluff and those warning signs of a BYB.

~not wanting to remove the parent knowingly that they have a genetic defect even after being warned by us.

~The seller has several types of purebreds or breeds designer breeds.

~will not show each parent pedigrees or even the premises they live on.

~has champion lines but can not produce the papers providing any of this information.

~not akc reg because the so called fees are too high.

~used to show but because of politics, they have decided not to do so anymore.

~advertising teacups, or very small parents to produce very small dogs.

~high pressure tactics. Not having more pups if you don't take the one they offer you.

~having lots of females always pregnant and males running around.
In my experience, there were two males gated off in the galley kitchen with a female in hope one of them would get her pregnant.

~warranty is void if you do not feed their food, sleep with puppy for several weeks for bonding, ect.

Last....changing the business name after having complaints or because the word has gotten out that they are producing unhealthy dogs.
Please do not be fooled by a breeder who tells you to check reviews about them on line...they are easily deleted so the public won't ever see them.

I hope that this can be of help to anyone who is looking to add a fluff in the future so that they don't make the same mistake as I did. To watch my girl suffer every day is truly heartbreaking.
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