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Default The myth of the rescue ?

I hope this won't ruffle anyone's fur the wrong way but ...I have been closely watching all the rescue sites I can find for well over 6 months and am left wondering why the conventional wisdom says "there are SO many Maltese looking for good homes". I am not saying anything against rescue. My last baby was a rescued senior with serious health problems and our other dog is a rescue with Lymangiectasia (a whole story in itself). And I know many of you have rescued wonderful pets of your own. But the fact is that for at least the past year, there are very few healthy malts in rescues and when they do appear, the organizations are literally flooded with applications. There are quite a few larger dogs who lookk like they might have a little malt in them (or Bichon, Havanese, Coton, or Bolognese) and a number of Maltese that have serious issues which require very special circumstances. But there are really not many healthy Maltese who simply need loving homes.

So if all these backyard breeders and puppy mills are constantly producing scores of poorly bred Maltese and unscrupulously selling them to unqualified owners...where are they actually ending up? Because I can tell you, they are not in the rescues, on Petfinder, Petango, Adopt-a-Pet,, or with the American Maltese Rescue (an excellent organization - but not overflowing with available dogs). And while I will continue to search these options, I certainly won't be casually advising people to find themselves a rescue Maltese as though it is easy to do.
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