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The rescue I work with has a few Maltese in their care now and they also post about dogs that are available at the local pound which they don't have the resources to care for. Just last week there were at least 4 Maltese. Most of them are young and great pets, people here just get them as cute puppies and don't realize they need care and training. When they become too much work they dump them at the pound. I'm in South Korea though. There are options for sending dogs but not everyone is into that.

If you're interested you can follow their Facebook groups and contact the rescue group directly. The dogs at the pound are not always available as they are generally euthanized 10 days after they are brought in, if no one adopts them. It's best to contact them to see what's available and they can keep a look out for you. It's fairly easy to courier a dog to California or ship with an airline as the flight is shorter than say going to the East coast.
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