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Default Premolars coming in at almost 2 years?

Bit of background info: Daisy was spayed at about 7 1/2 month old (over a year ago). At the time, she had 11 or 12 puppy teeth removed because they were horribly crowded. She had all her front adult teeth and puppy teeth still in. This surgery cleared up her tear stains and she hasn't had problems since.

I have noticed that she doesn't have premolars, well at least she didn't for the past year. We left her with a pet sitter for 3 weeks while we travelled from Korea to Boston for Thanksgiving. When we came back I've noticed her eyes are watering more (not staining as I clean often) and she has premolars breaking through. They bleed when I brush her teeth, I don't think I would have noticed them otherwise.

Is it normal for them to come in this late? She'll be 2 on March 30th. She has to go in for heart worm preventative tomorrow so I'm going to ask them to take a peek. There's only one that I see on her left side but two on the right. I worry that while the points are not touching, further up the teeth is wider and might be too close together and causing problems like when here puppy teeth were crowded. I suppose only an x ray could tell.
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