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Originally Posted by Pandora'sLocks View Post

Hey, that "Bring your dog to work day" sounds like a great place to work. How often do they have that?
It's "bring your dog to work day" every day as long as your dog gets along well with other office dogs!

Originally Posted by kd1212 View Post
Welcome! We're fellow Californians--in Los Angeles!

I have a pet friendly office a well, which is great.

Good luck finding your baby!
Thank you! Ahh they are adorable <3

Originally Posted by jay71787 View Post
Welcome to the forums.

BTW wish I lived in LA. That is my goal to move there in a few years.

What office do you work in if you don't mind me asking. Wish I could take my dogs to work but my Maltese is mean but my Yorkie is nice
Not at all! I work at Headquarters, so the office dogs also double as fantastic product models!
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