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Originally Posted by Cloe baby View Post
Hi all,

I live in Florida and really want to get a Maltese again. But after reading all of this, I do not know where to start. I know that there are many good breeders here, but, where do I start???? Thank you all so much................
I tell ya...since I wrote that thread, I have realized that AKC means nothing anymore. Lacie(my very sick dog) breeder is AKC registered now, so that in itself means nothing to me anymore.

This is how I found my next breeder. I started researching other top show breeders and which breeder they used to bring into their lines. I figured if that breeder was good for was good for me. I ended up going out of the country without any regrets. My two dogs are super healthy, with the exception of Suki getting an auto immune disease that is not genetic~the medical experts say environmental or the rabies shot brought it on. My girls bile acid tests that my internist did came back in the negatives both pre and post. I got full body X-rays and all their blood work.

My point...reputable breeders have nothing to hide. The BYB/hobby breeders have everything to hide. If I look back on when I adopted Lacie from Royal House of Maltese...she lied constantly and her stories changed all the time. She was never, ever straight up with me or anyone else I know that adopted or attempted to adopt from her.

All I can say is you can't be careful enough. If there are dog shows nearby...go and meet those breeders. I asked a million questions, I emailed other breeders about the breeder I was thinking about adopting from, as well as people that I heard had previously adopted one.
It was definitely a full-time job but well worth the time. Hope this helps and please don't stop's a small world...everyone knows everyone so your bound to find your answers.
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