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Originally Posted by maddysmom View Post
Stephanie...I know in my 2 Korean girls...they were very late getting teeth in, more so Mika than Suki. With that of Suki's littermates had to have surgery because the adult teeth were not dropping down and like Daisy...just the tips were showing. That's something I would keep an eye on. I also think Daisy's ear infection could be from her's all connected. Do you know of a specialist that can see her if need be?
I don't know of a specialist unfortunately. We are leaving Korea in May but hopefully they come in before that. They are poking through more and more now. Toy breeds are pretty much the only kinds of dogs kept as pets in Korea so most veterinarians are very familiar with the tiny dog health problems and we go to a large clinic. Thankfully we're in a large city and not a small rural area. I'm going to give it a few more weeks to see how it goes. I'm assuming x rays would show how the teeth are below the gum line (well above since it's the upper teeth haha)
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