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Originally Posted by pippersmom View Post
he slept fine last night but last evening before he went in a deep sleep he was trembling and doing it this morning too. I took him back to the vet last night just because I worry too much but they checked him over and said everything seemed fine. They say the trembling is just because of the anesthesia and they see it lots. I hope that's all it is because I don't like it. I hope it's not pain because he not due for more pain meds for another 1 1/2 hrs. They have him on antibiotic too mainly for the one tooth where it took 2 hours to get out.
Glad he is doing ok. As for the trembling, what pain meds is he on? Some can actually cause an "emotional" reaction such as trembling or crying. Personally, I gave mine the first dose of pain meds and then waited to see how they were doing off the meds before giving another dose. Never have needed a second dose, even when Sweetness lost 10 teeth because the next day they are like nothing ever happened!
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