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[QUOTE=Aubrey;4018274]Hi Sandy, I also found that anywhere within 300 miles of California, AMAR doesn't have that many dogs available either. AMAR is fabulous at providing for the needs of the dogs they take and they are highly protective of them in terms of screening applicants but as Snowbody pointed out, that is very resource intensive and so not very many dogs can be lucky enough to be taken in by them.. And many other rescues insist that the adopters be local resdents even though I offer to travel to the dog and transport her with me myself. In the past week, I have applied for three dogs out of which two were spoken for within hours of listing and the other one was firm about only consideing local residents. I think this experience is more typical than is acknowledged which is why I posted. Honestly, I just got frustrated that when I contacted breeders about possible retirees, they were very kind but I kept being told to look at rescue as though it is an easy option.

If rescue is going to be en effective mechanism for both the adopters and the less adoptable dogs, there needs to be a central listing site where we submit a single application that is accepted by all rescues. I am so tired of filling out these lengthy forms for each organization that has one or two Maltese and then finding the dogs are unavilable. When they won't even tell you whether the dog is available until you fill out the form, it feels intrusive and disrespectfu for them to demand so much personal information for no practical reason. And it is not so easy to keep describing the loss of a bonded dog over and over. Even private colleges use a "common app", all these tiny separate rescue sites should do that as well.[/QUOTE

Aubrey, --So sorry it took me long to reply, Christmas & the holidays had me so busy I was unable to visit SM for a while. I just want to say I like the idea you suggested about creating a central application for all rescues. At the time when we were actively looking to adopt, over the course of two years or more I filled out dozens and dozens of heart wrenching applications where I too had to pour my heart out about my dearly departed fur daughter and that wasn't easy to do time after time. And as you said after laboriously filling out these long forms every time the few Maltese or small dogs would already be gone and most of the time no one at all would get back to me.

Due to what someone else wrote further down in this thread {who I will also reply to shortly} I now understand about the lack of reliable trusted help the rescues have that might cause the lack of response but never the less it doesn't make adopting reasonably attainable or even possible at all for a lot of people who try to adopt like myself. At first I felt extremely guilty about having to 'buy' my dog, but nowadays I don't feel as bad because I know how extremely hard and how very long I tried to 'adopt' unsuccessfully. It was really not my own fault that I wasn't able to adopt so I can't blame myself because I was pretty much FORCED to 'purchase' a dog. Now that I am better informed about the realities of dog rescues I can't really blame the rescues either. I have a better understanding now that some of you in rescues have also posted & explained why it is so difficult to adopt from a rescue. It's just a darn cryin' shame it is so difficult to adopt because along with the many bad unsuitable people out there, there are also many wonderful potential adopters out there who would be grateful to adopt a Maltese. Old Maltese, young Maltese, disabled Maltese etc.

*Note to anyone else out there who is reading my post besides Aubrey, who is looking for a Maltese to adopt, I just want to let you know that MALE Maltese are just as wonderful as females. People always assume my boy is a female and are surprised when I tell them he is a male. Sadly though I suppose many out there who want females are looking for them so they can breed them {I'm making a sad face now because I hate BYB --back yard breeders}. But I don't understand why it is someone 'adopting' a dog would only prefer a 'young female' because dogs from rescues & shelters are always spayed & neutered ...
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