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Originally Posted by pippersmom View Post
I didn't bring this up yesterday because I could only deal with one thing at a time but when they did Pipper's bloodwork everything was normal except his creatinine ( not sure if I spelled that right) was SLIGHTLY elevated. They want to recheck it in 2 weeks. They said it was so slight that I needn't loose sleep over it but of coarse it's been on my mind. They said it very easily could just be from dehydration, after all he hadn't been allowed to eat or drink before the surgery. Has anyone else has this result and it meant nothing.
Kathy, you are beginning to sound like Snowball's mommy (me!) You are like me ... I can zero in on one lab result. But, that is a good thing.

I don't think you have to worry about a sightly elevated creatinine. It has happened with Snowball's labs, too. If there were other results that were out of the normal range ... than, your vet might be concerned.

Often, some blood lab results that are slightly elevated, or slightly low, might still be within the norm.

I do think it's great that your vet who will do the recheck. That can help give you peace of mind, too.

Hugs to you and Pipper.
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