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Originally Posted by pippersmom View Post
ok thanks guys you have put my mind at ease.......well a bit
Sylvia, I will try not to worry if he has runny poop....yuck!
Pipper doesn't seem too bad today, just very sleepy. He is on my lap right now and I notice he is starting to tremble a bit. Maybe it's pain because it's almost time for another painkiller.
According to Snowball's medical team (Krisi (his regular and holistic vet)... Dr. Tyrrell (his cardiologist) ... Dr. Chamberlain (the dental specialist) ... and, in addition to Leesburg Veterinary Hospital's consulting with Snowball's doctors ... They all work together and call themselves *Team Snowball* From his doctors ... I learned that trembling can also be caused by nausea.

After Snowball's dental he was restricted to food for a few hours ... and, then the next day at noon he could have a regular soft cooked meal. Sometimes I think the anesthesia can cause an initial upset tummy. So, maybe Pipper has a little nausea from the anesthesia?

Snowball did well with the Tramadol. Maybe if your vet thinks it's the pain medication they could give him Cerenia? Or, Pepcid might help? However, it is just some thoughts. Please let us know what your vet thinks ... you and Pipper's vet know his history the best.

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