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Default Good Ultra-sound for Kitzi

Because Kitzi has had a few "bad" nights we were able to get him into the University clinic here for an ER ultra-sound---which surprisingly turned out great. So now we don't know why he is having restless, seemingly painful episodes after he eats. He also does not like being held at this time. He prefers to lie on the floor in a sprawled out position. For now I will just observe & feed smaller meals. Last night we did just that & he did not have an "episode" like he has been having after he eats. The distended gall bladder seems to have disappeared so we won't do the ursodiol but will get & give the denamarin when Pops returns from the US (ordered on line). We will repeat the urinalysis mid month or so.
We were able, while @ the clinic (have to be referred by one's vet to get in) to make an appointment for an ultra-sound for Lisi for the 16th---so we will see how her kidneys & liver are at that point---she has not yet had one.
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