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Thank you Reva, Kathy, Bridget, Walter, Sandy & Addison! I am doing the happy dance. It is true that I want more closure on the "why this pain routine" but I am glad he has had a good night's sleep (me too!) & so far tonight no episode. I am giving him small meals & no fat at the moment.
Walter, we have not done a fecal---I did give him a Milbamax wormer after we returned from the US ---which he hasn't had for 4 years! I think it was time for one---although I give hardly any chemicals (essentially none) but this seemed a small thing to do one time to make sure.
Addison, thank you for the prayers! I know they help me even if Kitzi doesn't know that!
I just want things to finally settle down. We have been testing & trying things since the 4th of Nov. It gets old.
I told DH tonight that we will do another urine test in late March & I won't stop holding my breath until it comes back clean. Lisi will do her ultra sound March 16th & I am praying we will finally be out of the "concerned" area. For now I will just keep Kitzi on a somewhat smaller diet w/little fat & no dairy.
One super up-side to living in Vienna---I paid only 60 euros today for an ultra-sound for Kitzi! So far I have spent almost 3000 $ for this crazy dental!
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