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Originally Posted by aprilb View Post
Charles and I have read all your posts, and yes Sue, I did see yours. It is hard to know where to begin, but I'll do my best. All of you know the pain of losing a precious fur baby. Over the years we have been through a lot together. Never in my life have I experienced such love, selflessness, and compassion from so many when we lost our sweet Teddy. Charles and I are so grateful for all you have done. You have gone way beyond what anyone could or would do. Thank you so much for your condolences. They help a lot because you all understand. I was wrongly arrogant in thinking that I was the perfect pet parent because I never "lost" one..I thought only bad pet parents did that. I know now this is not true. What happened with Teddy was an unfortunate accident that can happen to anyone. Because of you and your overwhelming generosity, we were able to pay ALL of the bills associated with Teddy's search and rescue. Because of you, we were able to donate $750 to AMAR in Teddy's memory. We were not able to save Teddy, but hopefully, these funds will help save several Maltese and put them in loving homes where they will bring joy to someone else..We all did the very best we could..we did not get Teddy back the way we wanted, but because of your efforts, we did get him back. This does give us closure which is a blessing from the Lord. I have a lock of his hair and Good Shepherd is taking care of him now..His ashes will come back to us in a beautiful urn with his name engraved on it. One last thing..we never think one of our babies will run out the front door and then take off. I would encourage everyone that has not already done so, to keep some kind of gate or barrier between your babies and the door. Charles and I will never forget what you have done for us and all are amazing and we love you!
April, thank you for reaching out to your Spoiled Maltese family this morning. Teddy, you, and Charles, continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. We still grieve and are heartbroken ... along with you and Charles.

As I read what you wrote this morning ... once again, I could not hold back the tears. Although we couldn't bring Teddy back home to you in the way we had all wished ... I am grateful to know that you do have closure, and that you did get precious Teddy back, and have a lock of his hair.

In my prayers for you and Charles ... I always pray that you will feel Teddy's loving and angelic spirit surround you with comfort, peace, and love.

May our love for you and Teddy also help to bring you peace and comfort.

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