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Default Pee Pad safety tip

Well I smelled a slight smell of something like plastic burning, it was the pee pad touching the base board heater in the bathroom.

Jodi tried to cover up a used pad and pushed it over against the heater. Just one small corner touched the inside of the heater at the bottom, and I had just turned up the heater so it would kick in. He has pushed a corner of a pee pad over before to try and cover it up but this was a first.

The pad was just slightly melted in a few small spots in one corner. But YIKES! How scary to think if I wasn't at home. I don't usually turn up that heater before I leave but still, its never completely turned off and he's never done that before. I'll have to keep it off or really low and the pad somewhere where there's no heater anywhere near it.

something to be aware of.

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