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Default Hello Fellow Maltese Lovers

My name is Stephanie and I am the "mother" to Lola 16, and Sacha, 3. If i can figure out how to post photos of them i will.

A majority of photos in my Iphone are of them!! My husband and I love these little hounds a ton.

There's been a supplier issue in NYC with their regular venison chow for about ten days now which could last another two weeks. I have tried six different dog chows - organic, venison based, etc etc. Boy these two are finicky - lol! As fellow maltese owners you are familiar with this scenario i am sure!

i have spent hours researching new dog foods and figuring out ways to doctor it up so they eat it. chopping up bits of bacon, bits of parmesan cheese, their favorite carrots, organic beef broth......ha! One night i had three different bowls of chow down for them. They eat a little bit and then walk away. Even have organic venison burgers in the freezer which i thaw, cook, chop and mix with some rice and carrot....... ha!

They are fine - running around like usual because ive been giving them a little more than usual in snack department - their dessicated beef liver, some bacon, carrots, a little bit of apple, greenies... .....

I'm currently waiting on delivery of RABBIT chow from the same manufacturer of the venison chow. Praying they like it.

Lola cannot eat any poultry and its too tough to feed one something and not the other...besides they cross over bowls.

Keeping my fingers crossed......
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