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Originally Posted by summergirl1973 View Post
Brenda that is so scary!!! I have to tell you that I have a real fear of fire, so my vote is unplug it when you aren't home. My Grandma once had a fire because a dog knocked over a lamp (I think it was) and it lit the house on fire. Thankfully everyone was safe. I also lost a dear senior friend to a house fire. She could not get out in time. By the time we arrived the fire was out, but it was too late. We stood there devastated and stunned as the rescuers removed her from her home. She was a sassy senior with so much spunk. I loved her dearly, as did many others. Anyway, with all that said, I am so glad that you my friend are safe (and Jodi!), but I would count it as a blessing and turn that bad boy off! Big hugs .... you must have been so scared .

Well it would be no big deal to turn the bathroom baseboard heater off when I'm not at home, there's enough heat from other heaters.
I always unplug the toaster, kettle and coffeemaker when I'm not home I have a thing about that. And any chargers like the laptop or cell phone. Well now I'm not going to leave the lamps on when the cat is at home alone either! I don't leave them on during the day, but if I pop out, but it doesn't take long.
I do leave the tv on during the day - I hope that's not a hazard?

And what a terrible loss, how heartbreaking to lose your friend like that. I'm so sorry. Oh my, there are no words for that kind of loss.

No I was not too scared just a little alarmed to think that I've been putting a pee pad near this heater for years without thinking of this.
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