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Default maltese tearing and hair poking

Hi. I am a new maltese mommy who wants some information about tear staining and hair growing from who have full coat maltese.
I brought him from a good breeder, and he had tear stain since he was puppy teething. He is 10 month old now, so removed the teeth. I have been caring the stain for several month and it got much better. However, the problem is his hair stylist cut the hair around the eyes and I am trying to let the hair grow. The breeder said that I have to trim the hair around his eyes a little bit so that the hair don't irritate his eyes. Do you think that the hairs won't irritate his eye when his hair grow long? what should I do to keep away his hair from the eye?
(please check my maltese's current hair length)
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Do you always tie your baby's muzzle hair?
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