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Name: Bita
Dog's Name: Madeline
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Default Hi fellow furry friend families

Hi everyone,

My name is Bita, and my Maltese Mix is named Madeline.

A little about us:
I am a Registered Veterinary Technician, with a couple of cats and an assortment of tortoises from local rescue organizations. I like dogs, but always thought of myself as more of a cat and tortoise person. I see plenty of sad, homeless pups come through my work, but am usually not tempted. That changed when the local animal control officer brought Maddie to us for care. She had been hit by a car and had a major heart defect. I fell in love the minute our eyes met. No one came forward to claim her, so I happily welcomed her into my home. That frightened, dirty, broken little fluff ball is now a thriving, outgoing, spoiled little pup.

Maddie and the cats quickly became friends, she and the tortoises don't really care about each other, and she's got me wrapped around her little paw. She fits right in around here.

When I say she is a Maltese Mix, she has most of the characteristics of a Maltese, but is clearly not quite purebred. We think she was an escapee from a backyard breeder, due to her condition and the fact that she's clearly had a couple of litters despite her being very young. At any rate, she's perfect in my eyes, no matter what her pedigree is.

Thanks for having us. I look forward to lots of cute puppy pics and good information

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