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Sue, when we scattered my mother's the same way it was an absolutely beautiful day, and her ashes followed the orchid wreath we had placed in the water. Then the dolphins started jumping. It really was surreal.

Originally Posted by Snowbody View Post
Mags - wanted to share this with you. I may have written this before. When my husband's parents passed within a few years of each other, they had left us with the wish that their ashes be scattered in the Smoky Mountains. They had loved a couple of trips they had there. Well DH's sisters and he would constantly say,"One day we have to go to the Smokies..." This went on for several years. Finally, the producer I am, I set up our trip, rented a house and we were off to NC one November. Scattering the ashes was the hard part. Kept looking for very private places since we really didn't know if it was legal or not. It was very touching (tho we had a look out posted) and we realized after we did it that it wasn't so much about the ashes and where they would "reside" (blowing in the wind) but we had one of the most wonderful weekends spending time together, in a beautiful place we otherwise would not have gone to together. I think they were looking from above and happy they brought their children and their spouses to the beautiful spot that they loved and where we left all our normal lives behind to remember how wonderful they were. I hope you have a similar family outing. There were only 8 of us.
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