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Default How to tell if dog is under weight

Hi my son took Paris to get groomed at this new place that opened first time all went well after 3 weeks to get groomed again they told my son that you can see Paris ribs huh well my son had just taken Paris to the vet when she was sick and they checked her and didn't mention anything about Paris ribs I feed Paris 1/3 cup of IAMS proactive health MiniChunks in the morning around 6:30 am or 7 am and evening at 4:30 pm sometimes she eats her morning sometimes she still has it by dinner time .Paris is 2 years old she weighs about 9 pounds she's a Maltese Shiz .Oh and you know what after my son picked up Paris the lady said oh we sprayed her hair on her ears pink we thought you would like that .....well I told my husband they had no right doing that without asking first I just might go back to the other groomer we had went to this one cause it's right down the street.Thank you all maybe you all can help me with what kind of food to give Paris sometimes I wonder if she gets bored with the same food everyday.
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