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Exclamation Indoor Potty Training for Male Dogs!

I hope I do not get judged due to this post by other dog mothers but I have been having a huge problem lately.
For the last couple of months my schedule has become hectic and I have not been able to spend as much time with my boys as I used to. My boys have become angry with me due to irregular walking hours and the amount of time they are left alone at home and they simply started taking it out on everywhere in the house.
I have been trying to get them used to peeing on training pads but it's not happening.
I am not having as much problem with my older boy London but Milan is my biggest problem. He started peeing on the walls in the entrance and every step on the stairs.
I have created a huge playpen area for them but by the time I come back home London has already climbed up and left the playpen (I am scared he will hurt himself climbing up from there).
I am sure every once in a while we all have hectic schedules that does not match with our babies times.
I know it will be really hard to train them to pee on pads after so many years but there must be a way that I can get them used to it.
Please give me some advice as to what I can do...
Thank you in advance!!
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