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Uggg, no judging from me. My two boys pee'd anywhere, anytime they pleased when it was bad weather out!!!

When I had to go stay at my father's house (while we raised out house) I put belly bands on the boys.

Wow, what a life saver. Since then, Archie passed away, but Tinker is actually doing better. Not sure what happened with him, but he has recently decided (all on his own) that he's going to use the pads when the weather is bad...or he's feeling lazy. I still put a band on him if I'm going to be gone for several hours, but it has helped drastically! my furniture is much happier now too, lol...

When a girl makes a mistake, you can wipe up the floor, but when a boy goes, it goes into the furniture....and the smell lingers no matter how well you clean it.
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