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Name: Shelly
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Default p90x?

Anyone do this program? I am on my first week and very discouraged. I'm discouraged because I'm a fat person who is trying to lose weight, and in the first week I gained. I've been calorie counting too.

I originally planned on doing a round or two of the 90 days and then incorporating the work outs into something more long term, Tony suggests Yoga once a week and then two others days of something out of the other videos.

I am just so frustrated right now, I was hoping to find some encouragement Now, the first couple days I couldn't get enough to eat-that has tapered off, then for a couple of days I was so tired it was ridiculous, that has also tapered off, but.. I made the mistake of stepping on the scale.. (I normally weight once a week but maybe I shouldn't do that on this program)
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Name: Anna
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My boyfriend was an MMA fighter and he did P90X when he was preparing to go back to fighting. He was REAL strict about the diet and the exercise and it is certainly a HUGE difference.
Now, let me go ahead and tell you the advice he gave my sister who started it:
DO NOT WEIGH YOURSELF for at least one month. He said that you may actually GAIN weight because while you're losing fat, you're building muscle.
If you want it to be a MIRACLE, then you have to be completely strict and work out daily and eat ONLY what you're permitted.
He ended up with a REAL bad back from fighting, so he stopped and, of course, gained weight. He's been trying to work out again and he does really well for several weeks and then stops. Honestly, I think it's because he's torturing himself. I have been fortunate to always have been skinny, but my mom, sister, and boyfriend all struggle with weight issues, so I don't have personal experience, but I do have a great deal of information. MY feelings on it, is that you can't torment yourself. I think that you (a person) should work out 4 times a week and eat properly, but if you want a slice of pizza on a Saturday night, then you should do it...IN MODERATION. I feel like they always deprive themselves SO much that they end up falling off track that much sooner. Obviously you can't have the "I want a slice of pizza" feeling every day, but one day a week should be accepted. That way you have something to look forward to.
That's just my opinion...but I would DEFINITELY say you do NOT need to get on a scale. It will only discourage you...as it has done!!!
Anna and Gucci
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Name: Deborah
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I didn't know what p90x was, I thought..... Shelly's going to tell us about some new kind of food for our fluffs!!! LOL.... I'm so out of it!!!!
Deborah and my Fluffs, Laurel, Violet , Hardy and Dewey!

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Name: Shelly
Dog's Name: Rocky Muffin and Prince Tucker Bean
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Originally Posted by Furbabies mom View Post
I didn't know what p90x was, I thought..... Shelly's going to tell us about some new kind of food for our fluffs!!! LOL.... I'm so out of it!!!!
Bahahaha this made me literally LOL!

Honestly I have heen a couch potato with horrible eating habits for so long, I am trying to turn it around. And Anna thanks for the input, I have some friends who have said I weighed too soon sounds like I just need to keep pushing onward.
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Name: Kaitlin
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I have many friends who have done P90X and they all swear by it! I think you just need to stick with it. Don't obsess over calories or how much weight you have gained. The more you think about it, the harder it is.

I have been weight training twice a week with a personal trainer for about a year now. I am currently taking a break from it (old injury flared up and $$), and I have noticed that even though my diet hasn't changed, I am losing weight faster than I was when I was working out 6 days a week. I am not building muscle as much as I was before, so while it may seem like my weight is better now, I am just not as muscular. Muscle truly does weigh more than fat, so it sometimes seems like you are not losing anything. Focus on how you feel and how your clothes fit, not the number on the scale.

Give it time and hang in there! And stop calling yourself a fat person! :-) Positive thoughts equal positive results
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Name: Lisa
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Are you sure you are eating enough calories? A lot of folks actually don't eat enough which causes your body to hold onto all of its energy (food) because it thinks it is starving. I would recalculate the number of calories you need to double check, and perhaps try adding 100 calories more each day.

I was doing the Insanity workout and that happened to me. I didn't gain weight but I wasn't dropping weight until I added in another 100 calories. It can also be water retention if you just started drinking lots of water.

Allow a couple of weeks before you make any further changes...your body is likely just in shock right now and will adjust by next week. You aren't building muscle yet (in only the first week) so the weight gain isn't from that. Just be patient! I weighed myself every day during Insanity and would sometimes fluctuate by 2lbs from one day to the next due to water retention, etc. I also would stay the same weight for a few days and then on the 4th day drop 2lbs. Lol I would recommend only weighing yourself every 3 days or so if not seeing the scale move will discourage you.
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I am only going to answer ONE question. This is about Yoga. I have done Yoga once a week for quite a few years. I never lost weight because of Yoga. There you have it. And if you want Yoga to really benefit you, you should do it every day. But again, that does not mean that you are going to loose weight from it.

By the way, I love Yoga but there are different kinds here in the States. I loved the teacher we had in Houston, she adapted the yoga to our age. Since moving to Arizona I stopped doing it. We have a yoga class here in our community, but I don't like the teacher and it is too early in the morning for me. And I am not motivated enough to do it by myself at home.
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Name: Courtney
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I've heard lots of people swear by it, but they all seemed to have suffered a LOT to in the beginning LOL

Don't worry if you gain weight, it is probably muscle!! Just keep at it, usually it takes me a a few weeks just to notice anything when I start to work out adn eat better...speaking of which, I should really start doing that now that the holidays are upon us!

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