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Name: Terry
Dog's Name: Naddie, Quincy, & ( "Angel Missy" 8/11/94-7/19/05 )
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Default Scarey episode with hubby this afternoon...

He had gone to bed ( still feeling very tired and weak most of the time)... After awhile he called me and I thought his voice sounded funny... I went to check on him and he said he didn't feel right. Thought something to do with new blood pressure med he had started today. I checked BP but it was fine, but he felt so cold... and noiced he had tremors. I ran and got his Blood Glucose monitor and found he was in a hypo-episode. It was 44!! I ran got OJ, added sugar and gave to him...waited a bit, but could tell he was still very low by his 'demeanor". Got more OJ, and a protein bar... waited, re-tested, now still only 47! I truly feared I was going to have to call the ambulance.
I then went grabbed some KARO syrup... ( learned that 'trick' from when Missy was diabetic.) I gave him a spoonful and told him not to swallow but let it go to cheeks etc. where it will absorb more quickly. In no time we got him up to 74! WHEW! Followed with a peanut butter sandwich and another protein bar and it's been fine.

We had one of these before when he first started on diabetes meds.. and it was the KARO then that helped him out of it. However I'm so 'brainwashed from Drs to use OJ, that I forget about the Karo till I see the OJ doesn't work as fast.

Thanks to our little Missy I learned how well KARO works to raise BGs! It was scarey. Later, when I went to check in on him, he called me over, he said give me your hand, then pulled me toward him and gave me a kiss.... He said with some tears welling up in his eyes..."thank you for helping me! I really thought 'this was it' for me I felt that bad!" Poor guy!! sometimes he drives me mad being stubborn about things regarding his health...but times like this I realize how vunerable he is.

Thanks to what I learned with our little 'squirt' and her diabetes... little did I know one day that knowledge would be helping her daddy!
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Name: Deborah
Dog's Name: Laurel (maltese), Dewey, Violet and Hardy and Dewey
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Aww Terry that had to be so frightening for you and him. Thanks to you for having a level head you were able to prevent a very serious situation. I was really touched when your DH took your hand and gave you a kiss! There are days that I could just smack my hubby with his stubbornness , but don't know what I'd do without him! My DH is type 2 diabetic , I'll remember about the Karo!!
Deborah and my Fluffs, Laurel, Violet , Hardy and Dewey!

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Name: Laurie
Dog's Name: My Triple Threat - Lily, Addie, Jackson, Luci Mae at the bridge
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Wow, lucky you learned that trick. Glad he is feeling better. I will have to share that tip with bil. My only sister is type 1 and tends to get herself in trouble with low blood sugar.
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Name: Terry
Dog's Name: Naddie, Quincy, & ( "Angel Missy" 8/11/94-7/19/05 )
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Upstate NY
Posts: 13,097

The KARO absorbs quickly thru the mucous membranes in the mouth more quickly than OJ that has to go thru the 'digestive' process first... plus it's high sugar content. from now on if it happens again... I'm grabbing that first!
Once again a short while ago he said how scared he was and how he felt so very 'weird'.

If you don't have KARO... maple syrup will usually work as will the ready-made frosting. key is to let it 'melt' in the mouth not swallow. I never have the ready made frosting on hand but always have the maple syrup and KARO on hand. What I do have to do is get some little containers to put in the car....just in case! We always have the 'sippys' of OJ and protein bars in the car ( along with an extra meter) but now I want the vials of KARO as well.

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Name: Kathy
Dog's Name: Pipper
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What a scare you had. Thank goodness everything turned out ok and I believe it was your "Angel Missy" guiding you on what to do.

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

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Name: Janene
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Oh my sorry that you had a trying day! I send my best and prayers to you and your husband!
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Name: Nickee
Dog's Name: Yogi
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Something I Will Remember.
So Glad He is All Right. Take Good Care Of Him!--I AM Sure you were so afraid. But Did A Great Job--I run When Something happens -Panic Like Crazy--The Way You handled that was great.
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Name: Tracey
Dog's Name: Ben and Krisi
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Oh boy, hypoglycemia can be really scary. You did a great job with him and from the sounds of things he knows it. Thank God you were there and able to interven so quickly.
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Name: Sylvia
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Oh Terry, this brought back the horrifying memory of when my aunt went into insulin shock. I started with the orange juice too. Then tried log cabin syrup (why does a diabetic have that in the cupboard?) I gave in and called 911. The paramedics arrived in 3 minutes and gave her an injection. Phew.

The worrisome thing is that long term diabetics no longer recognize the symptoms of dangerously low blood sugar.

I was just visiting with my aunt to help her after my uncle died. At the time I was so thankful that I had seen Steel Magnolias...or I would not have had a clue.

Force him to drink a lot of water. You are the best nurse.
MiMi & Sylvie
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Name: Susan
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Terry - you know me and my sense of humor. When I saw your DH had gone into diabetic shock I thought you were going to say that you got some doggie Nutrical and gave it to him . That's where my head is. But getting the karo syrup was brilliant and thanks to Missy for it. Your little guardian angel. I never would have known about the absorption through the cheeks and gums though.
So glad that your DH is appreciating you possibly saving his life.One of my cousin's died at the airport from diabetic shock when he was traveling alone. I'm sure he didn't let anyone know that there was something wrong with him. Does your DH wear a Medic alert bracelet?

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