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Name: Gail
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I would call animal control. I am furious just thinking about it. I get mad every single time I see a dog off leash--mostly in the park across the street from my condo complex. They have SIGNS posted that dogs must be on leash, but some people just INSIST on having their dogs off leash. I think it's their way of showing off how well trained their dogs are and they don't need a leash. I don't know--it's almost always the big dogs too. It infuriates me. One of the reasons I adopted a little dog this time is so that I could pick her up. It was really scary when I had Emma and Gladie and would be walking them and an off-leash dog would approach and/or follow us. I could (barely) pick up Emma, but not Gladie. And Gladie could be confrontational with dogs if she felt they were threatening her. (I think she learned that from her days as a stray.) Anyway, I agree--it's a traumatizing situation. I would report them. And report them. And report them. Until they put their dog on a gosh darned leash!
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Name: Sylvia
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I am so despondent over how crazy it is to just try to take a walk outside your own yard, because irresponsible people want to have big dogs they do not have the capacity to train. I just don't walk my dogs, because there are way too many nasty big dogs with moronic owners. But life on earth is kind of crazy from the gait We have people who don't give a flying fluk about how much damage they do to make a lousy buck. Well, I just have to say that life on earth is not heaven. We have to find our way around the devils every time we take a breath. Let's just hold hands and try to avoid the evil forces.
MiMi & Sylvie
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Name: Barbie
Dog's Name: Zoe (Kyra my Angel in Heaven)
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So sorry you and Cici had to experience this. Maybe you can find out who owns the dog and report them. Just feel at ease your Dad was there and you are both fine.
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Dog's Name: Ivy
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Report the incident to Animal Control. They will have a little chat with the owner which might help remedy the situation. I'll bet that was really terrifying for both you and your fluff.
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Name: Nora
Dog's Name: Cici
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Thank you everyone for your responses and understanding how I feel. It can be so frustrating when you want the best for your little fluff and other irresponsible owners have to ruin it by being careless of their dogs.
I've called animal control so many times, on all my neighbors! I only have one neighbor that has a large dog and is responsible. Four other neighbors have dogs and for some reason like to keep them off leash. We called animal control twice on my next door neighbors two Rottweilers when one tried to attack Cici when she was only 5 months, right on our property near the side door, and the second time when one of the Rottweilers actually but my sister's Yorkie on our front lawn. After that time the lady learned her lesson and the dogs have not been loose. But then some neighbors down the street decided to have two adult pit bulls and breed them, and not use leashes on them or their FIVE pitbull puppies. So one of the adults came to our home, to the porch, and attached my sister's Yorkie while she was holding him and she's in a wheelchair so she couldn't move much to get the dog off. So animal control again. Those are just a few of the incidents, but those happened way before I got Cici. Now recently I finally felt safe, no dogs in sight. I guess not :\.
And what makes me mad also is that the owners of the dogs we call animal control on, get mad at us, like they're insulted we would do that..
When me and the BF purchase a home I'm definitely going to do my research and make sure the neighborhood is safe for Cici, she deserves to feel safe and enjoy being a cute little dog, instead of worrying about anything that moves is a danger to us.

This used to be a great neighborhood, been living here for 16+ years, until new neighbors started to come in and not be responsible with their animals.
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I bring my babies to the park for a walk. I know people don't really care for that, but I clean up after them and its safe. We do have leash laws in place, but people don't follow them. Sorry this has happen to you, I know you must have been scared out of your mind. I sure would have been.
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Name: Terry
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Oh Gosh.... how scarey! I get infuriated with such irresponsible dog owners!
Firstly that they haven't properly trained/socialized their dogs... and in fact so many I think actually 'enjoy' that their dogs are on the aggressive side for some reason! and then to feel they are above the law and not have their dogs on leashes/restrained!
The sad thing is that a traumatic incident can so easily happen where they injure/kill an innocent victim... and then THEY ( the aggrssive dog) is often forced to be put down.... all because the stupid owner was not a responsible owner!
It just isn't right that you can't even be safe in your own yard!!! Bad enough you can't feel safe walking on the street...but to have to feel threatened in your own yard is just not right!
If I were you I'd start taking photos of the dogs off-leash and report and show to proper authorities!
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Name: Pam
Dog's Name: Leila
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Oh my! That would've scared the you-know-what out of me! I'm so glad your dad was there and y'all weren't harmed physically. I know emotionally, it did have to shake you up.

I have no desire to have a dog like a pit bull, Rottweiler, etc. They are just not my favorite kinds of dogs and I'm somewhat afraid of them. I've heard all the arguments on both sides about them, but I still just don't care for them personally. However, I don't fault them for living but I do fault the owners who are irresponsible with them. If people want to have them, they should keep them to themselves and ensure that they cannot get loose.

If there some kind of spray for dogs that's like pepper spray you can carry for your own safety that wouldn't seriously hurt the dogs, but would give you time to get away? Just a thought.

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Name: Bridget
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How scary for you guys! I would be calling animal control (again). I also would not walk my fluff in that neighborhood. It is unfortunate that you guys have to be the ones to suffer from the actions of the others...but what choice is there? You could carry some type of shock stick, but that would necessarily protect you or your baby. I am so sorry...I know you must be so upset .

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Name: Deborah
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That is one of my biggest fears!! There are several big dogs in my neighborhood. I don't really see them off leash, but so many have those invisible fences. I've seen a dog go through them if there is something that they really want! We only walk in my court. I have a large fenced in back yard. They get a lot of exercise there running around! So glad that .Cici is OK! I too would've been furious!!
Deborah and my Fluffs, Laurel, Violet , Hardy and Dewey!

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