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The A team I didn't know that they were so young. The people who sold them told me they were 8 weeks. After I got them I got worry. So I went to the vet they told me they were only 4 weeks old. The people also told me to give then regular milk for humans. I didn't listen n got them puppy replacement milk. I read many articles abt them so I can take proper care of them.

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I was only buying one but them I saw them together and I didn't want to separate them. Leila is bigger and chubbier than Wilber. He is more little but ever since I got him to puppy milk he has gain weight and he used to poop mustard like now he is doing very well. He is heavier and happier. The vet told me to go back on 4 weeks. I hope the people who sold them stop breeding because they seem not to take good care of them.

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Oh my....the place you bought these beautiful pups from is a greeder for sure. They are just interested in making money and not the care of the pups. They should never be taken away from their Mom so young. I am sure you will now do whatever you have to do to keep them healthy. They are precious!!
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Since they're too young to maintain their body temperature, try to keep them warm.You can use a hot water bottle under thick blankets. I'd avoid anything that plugs in like a heating pad since they can cause burns,even under a blanket,I'd be afraid.Anything plug in,electrical like a heating pad or small heater,I'd avoid especially if you can't be there to monitor and check it..
At least with a refillable hot water bottle, you will be checking on and rewarming it more often and therefore able to monitor how the puppies are doing...
I've sen a product for welping, it's a fuzzy cover that covers a hot water bottle ,used to keep pups warm while the mother takes a break...

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Default How cute!

Originally Posted by Leila & Wilber mommy View Post
I just got my first pets of my entire life. I bought me two beautiful Maltese. They are only 4 weeks old. I am in love with these two. My puppies are so tiny Attachment 105644 meet Leila and Wilber

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Hi Yuri,

Leila and Wilber are absolutely adorable! Make me want to go get two myself! lol but I know it's not safe to removed them at this early stage from their mother....from learning from the experienced SM Aunties and Uncles.

Congratulation on your new pride and joy and I'm sure you'll do what it takes to give them a loving and long lived life. Keep us updated and post new pictures as they progress in the next few weeks and months!

(Lil Biscuit @rainbow bridge, Lil Pork Chop 16weeks old)

Vinh & Ann
San Jose, California
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Yuri it sounds like you rescued silver and leila from people who don't really care about them. There are other wiser aunties on here but fed keep them warm. So glad silver is doing a lot better. Please keep us postedxx

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Hello I'm Yuri-imageuploadedbypg-free1355426170.734427.jpg they left me watching TV all alone. 🐶🐶😍😍

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they are so cute
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They are cute, but it's a bg problem that they are away from Mom so soon. Make sure you have nutrical, warming euipment and frequent feeds. Hypoglycemia is a big worry.
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Oh my... the people who sold these pups to you... wow... I just hope they are healthy... sound like puppy mill brokers to me... these pups are most likely from a mill

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