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Maltese Guru
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Name: Janet
Dog's Name: Winnie
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Ct
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I realize this forum might be a bit biased towards the Maltese , but I know many of the posters here have both types of dogs so hoping you can shed some light on the diferences between the breeds generally speaking. I've been researching toy breeds for a few months now and it seems the maltese fits most of my requirements I'd like in a dog: non shedding, loving, sweet, intelligent. Still, I've always thought Yorkies were just adorable. I'm especially drawn to their coloring (I'm a little fearful of an all white dog from a maintenance standpoint) and their little upright ears. I realize every dog has a unique personality, but can someone tell me the basic differences in these two dogs as far as temperment, training ability, energy level, level of independence, grooming requirements, general health(?) Maybe someday I can have one of each, but for a first puppy experience, would you recommend one above the other?


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Maltese Guru

Bonnie's Mommie's Avatar
Name: Linda
Dog's Name: Bonnie Marie, my angel and Bellarata's Bounces with Wolves, Bounce - St. Patrick's Baby!
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: New York, NY
Posts: 16,766

Well, I only have one (take a guess which ) but I can tell you this, because I had the same concern --- about the all white subject. I told myself that the last thing I wanted was a white dog, for the same reasons, maintenance. Unfortunately, when Bonnie chose me I had no say in the matter, and there I was with a white dog. Bonnie is mainly an indoor dog, so she rarely gets gray or dirty. I bathe her every 10 days to 2 weeks (2 weeks in the winter when the air is drier) and the entire process takes about 1-1/2 hours. The same amount of time you'd take with any dog. And the brushing maintenance would be the same, as both breeds can be worn long (full coat) or short (puppy cut).

Good luck - my vote is for a Maltese! You'll love him or her, and you'll never look back!!

Bounce, you're the joy and sparkle in my life (with the heart shaped tongue).
Bonnie, you're my sweet girl who will never be forgotten or replaced.

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well i can compare my two malts with my moms two yorkies, but by no means are they a represntation of all yorkies and maltese...

my moms yorkies (male and female) are more energetic, the female loves to play and can fetch for hours. the male is a lover and likes to snuggle, but he is scared of strangers (moms fault partially for not socializing him enough) the female was extremely hard to potty train, then once trained they eventually got a dog door. the male was easy to train b/c he learned how to use the doggy door very early. but he doesnt know not to go in another house w/o doggy door.

my malts are both laid back, the male doesnt really play, which is why i got the second one. now he has someone to wrestle with. they are both snuggle bugs, which is what i adore about them. both are very smart..seem to pick up on tricks easy and potty trained easy.

i like both breeds, but malts of course are my fav. its hard to tell the color u will get with a yorkie..they change so much from u woould have to look back at a few generations if u decide that is what u want. i think u will be happy with which ever u choose.

good luck!
"Personally, I have always felt the best doctor in the world is the Veterinarian. He can't ask his patients what's the matter. He's just got to know."
-Will Rogers
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Maltese Guru

bellaratamaltese's Avatar
Name: Stacy
Dog's Name: Lucy, Lois, Steve, Fat Amy, Echo and Trixie
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Central Valley, California
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Hi! I'm a newbie maltese owner and like you, had researched the toy breeds to death. I was acutally going to get a malti-poo but then told myself that if I was going to spend that kind of money on a dog, I was going to get a purebred. (only because it would be an easier 'sell' to the hubby than I think one is better than the other)

So I bought Lucy from a breeder when she was 18 weeks old and I can honestly say, I don't think I would ever own any other breed of dog besides a maltese after having the pleasure of owning this little dog. . I don't know much about the yorkies because I knew I didn't want one so I can't help you on the pros and cons of each breed!

But I can address some of your concerns on the matlese. The white coat is amazing easy to maintain. I find myself enjoying it's upkeep, the brushing, bathing, etc. I have never taken Lucy out into public and not had somebody comment on her. Reading some of the info on the maltese, I can say that as far as Lucy goes, she pretty much fits every characteristic that was used to describe the maltese. She's a bit barkier than I thought she's be but it's not a random barking, she's being the little watch dog. And yes, you said we're biased here, but I recommend the maltese breed, LOL!!

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Name: Janet
Dog's Name: Koby (Angel Scooby & Koko)
Join Date: May 2005
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I am a little biased toward the Malts because Scooby is my second and I adore the breed. They are intelligent and full of a very special character that is unique to them. As for maintenance, Scooby is low maintenance because we keep him short and brushing and combing is much easier that way both for him and for me.
Our neighbor across the street has a little Yorkie and she also is adorable, and a really good friend to Scooby. She is very submissive and if we approach her she will lay on her back and allow us to pet her whether her owners are there or not. She is also very tiny, much smaller than Scooby, but he adores her and she is his best friend.
If I did get a second pup, I think it would have to also be a Malt though purely because of my love for the breed.
Good luck with whatever you choose
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I found nemo's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2006
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Hi and welcome,
We were actually going to get a Yorkie before we got Nemo, Nemo is a puppy store dog(Iknow now), but when we got there my son fell in love with Nemo. I do not know much about a yorkie(except that they are adorable) and I have heard they are very smart and I would think close or if not the same as far as grooming goes as a Maltese. I love the Maltese breed, I will always have one in my life I don't think I could own any other..

Good Luck,
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Matilda's mommy's Avatar
Name: Paula, mommy to my Matilda and Maddie
Dog's Name: Matilda & Maddie Miss Button's and Bow's is waiting for me a Heaven's Rainbow Bridge
Join Date: May 2005
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My daughter has a yorkie, he is adorable He is two years old and weighs 4 lbs. She has told me she wishes she would have spent more time checking out the breed. She has a terrible time with his barking, he barks at everything. She has had a hard time potty training him. I watched him for 2 months when he was 4 months old. He is very smart. He would cuddle but preferred to play. I didn't work so I was with him 24-7. I almost had him potty trained, I spent alot of time with him. My daughter works and he is alone 8 hrs aday,sometimes longer so his barking might come from loneliness, also he isn't able to go out doors so he pees whereever he wants. I did notice that just a couple days after his bath he had a musky smell.
After having the little yorkie, I started researching what I wanted. I chose a maltese. This is what I see different from the yorkie. Matilda isn't as wild, she does play alot but the yorkie did it all day long. Matilda does bark some but not all the time. Matilda was very easy to potty train, and she never smells bad. I do have to spend more time grooming, but it's worth it. Both are adorable. I think either way you will be happy.
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My mom and I were researching dogs at the same time, she got a yorkie (Sherman), he's adorable, very lovable, very friendly, I picked a maltese (Riley) because over the past few years I've invested quite a bit of money in my flower beds and a terrier likes to dig. I love both dogs, her yorkie does dig her gardens and her yard, she doesn't mind. Riley could care less about digging, Sherman is also is more excitable and barks more than Riley does. I believe part of it could be the individual dog's personality along with the breed.
Riley is more interested in kissing and cuddling us than Sherman is with them, again, might just be the personality. All in all, we both adore our dogs, and are happy with the breed we picked.
Riley's Liz
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Maltese Guru
Join Date: Apr 2006
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Hi & welcome.

I've had maltese now for 8 months & i do love them

I always wanted a yorkie since i was a little girl because a lady neighbour had one & i always thought it looked cute, it barked all the time though but i thought all dogs done this

So i asked lots of people about different breeds but most i think were biased as you would expect.

So i decided to ask my rabbits vet!

What he said was: if your looking for a lap dog go for a maltese.
if your looking for a fiery, feisty dog go for a terrier.

Terriers were developed to hunt & kill vermin so they are lively energetic dogs.
Maltese were developed to ease the lifestyle & provide pleasure for rich people.

Hope this helps!!!

Keep us posted with your decision
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Join Date: Apr 2006
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We have an 11yr old yorkie(pet store, I know better now). I fell in love with yorkies when I was in high school in Milan and the neighbors had one. He was so cute! She is my first dog ever. She is a bit of a digger(but so are all three of my maltese), she can play forever, she does bark but only really at things. She is a cuddler, but only when she is tired. And she is a one person dog. My first maltese came just a couple of weeks after the yorkie from a show breeder and she would bark at anything, not as playful, would cuddle with anyone. As for the grooming, both took me the same amount of time because I kept Ivory short. The yorkie has no odor nor did the maltese. The two new pups are longer, they have better coats and do require a bit more time. They play more than either of my first girls ever did. They bark more and cuddle a little less. So in the end, a lot of it is the individual personality and the breeder you chose. These two pups are so confident and I think it is because of the great start they got. I imagine some yorkie breeders are just as great. So that should be a big part of your choice finding a breeder you can meet and she can be of such great help, yorkie or maltese. But in closing, I think sometimes that my yorkie is not quite like most yorkies and she does alot of things that maybe aren't really part of her breed. She is really big for a yorkie. Whereas my maltese Ivory was her own individual but very much a maltese, so when we added to our family after the death of Ivory it was two maltese. Sorry a little long and wordy........ Good luck
Aimee, Gidget, Lily and Bentley
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