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Name: Debbie
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Kandis i wished you lived closer that way you wouldn't have to buy those things.
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Originally Posted by mysugarbears View Post
Kandis i wished you lived closer that way you wouldn't have to buy those things.

Deb-your so sweet. It's such a pain to ship something that size and prob cost nealy as much as buying one. But thank you, cause if I didn't live so far I'd buy the table from you for sure.

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Name: Laura
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Y'all could meet in the Wal Mart parking lot again, couldn't you?

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Hi Kandis - thanks for this thread - loving all the postings and thoughts!

I have the round table and use it for Mateo and Mia with the arm and noose. When I put the noose on they know I mean business I think, so they are usually very good with it.
For a time I stopped using the noose and I noticed they were more fidgety.

The dryer looks great and I am thinking of getting one also. The hand dryer with stand is hard to manage.

What I do like about the round table is that I can put it in my bathroom on the counter, or use it on the table and I sit down or use it on the back patio in the summer. I like that it is portable and saves on space.

Good luck and let us know what you get : )

Mateo & Mia

Last edited by joyomom; 12-02-2012 at 04:27 PM. Reason: ps - Stacy and Marj always have great information and I have purchased many of the things they recommended
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Name: Stacy
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Just to throw another option out there, you could always get a ringside table like we take to shows. Portable, somewhat lightweight (depending on the table) and you can use a grooming arm with them.

And don't forget to check Walmart for their camping tables. Some of those are some nice lightweight options to a grooming table but you'll want to do a stability check! None of my ringside tables have ever tipped over, although I have had a wiggly one wag her entire rear so hard because someone came near her that she fell off the table *coughElenacough*

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Name: Marj
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Originally Posted by bellaratamaltese View Post
I've had my Edemco dryer (that Marj posted the link for) for at least 5 years and it is still working well but it is not my 'every day' dryer. it's my travel dryer for dog shows so it doesn't get heavy use. It gets thrown in and out of my car and hotel rooms and it has held up.

A few things about it - it is LOUD. To me, that is not really a problem but some people really don't want a loud dryer. It also does not get very hot which for me, also is not a problem because I don't like feeling like I'm scalding my dogs with hot air.

It is also something you will have to get used to. I did not like it the first time I used it but the more I used it, the more i grew to love it. The air flow is pretty strong (stronger than my bigger Edemco, really) and it really is something you'll have to get used to using. The tripod legs don't take up that much room and it is easy to scoot around with your foot. My huge Edemco has a really wide wheel base and is not good for tight spots!

As far as the round table, if you are trying to conserve space, then this is a great table. I do not use it every day (have a regular grooming table) but if I have a really wild puppy who doesn't like grooming and fights it like crazy, I like it because it gives them a bit more security on the table and if they try to throw themselves off the table, they just 'fall' a couple inches to the table below and usually that lets them know that 'oops, there are consequences here, maybe I shouldn't be a crazy wild beast.'

The hair maid stand also is useful for holding a dryer or a third arm for a grooming table.
I agree with Stacy. The Edemco Economy dryer is LOUD! I was shocked when I first turned it on. Bailey barked at it the first few times I turned it on. He got used to the noise pretty quickly, though. Nothing really phases Bailey.

The force of the air is powerful. It will blow things off the table. Whenever I use it on Bailey I think of Willow Smith's song, "I Whip My Hair"! LOL!

I really love it, though. It has really cut down on my drying time. I can't imagine not having one with Bailey's thick silk coat. For Lady, a human hair dryer on a Hair Maid worked just fine on her puppy cut.
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Name: Tracey
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I have this one with a grooming arm and it folds up nicely.
Master Equipment BoneShaped Folding Grooming Table |
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I decided not to buy the Edemco Economy Dryer on stand. Sounds very loud and I don't care for loud noises, and also since mine are in shorter coats I am just going to find a dryer maid like Marjy posted pics of and use with my current pet blow dryer, and see if that works. I am ordered the square table with arm in purple. Thanks for all your great posts.
So glad I have this forum.

As far as dryer maid, I want to find one that attaches to a surface or table. I read that this dryer stand may not be very sturdy, that the kind that attaches to table is better.

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Name: Cathy
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I have the CC dryer and love it

Mercedes and Whitney

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Name: Deborah
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Originally Posted by SammieMom View Post
are you ordering the square one or round one? I am getting marjy's dryer, and the round table. so far. about to place my order.
I would want the rectangle one, Violet and Hardy aren't small, and I need all the room! I know mine will freak with the dryer, if it!s loud, but since I can hold them with two hands, I'm hoping they'll get used to it. Laurel and now Dewey take forever to dry with the hand held dryer. I don't mind baths and drying them, it's just the tine that it takes. And it seems like there aren't enough hours in a day as it is. Especially around this time if year!
Deborah and my Fluffs, Laurel, Violet , Hardy and Dewey!

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