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Maltese Guru
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Name: Diana
Dog's Name: Lola
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: NY/NJ
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ipf4 Disaster!!

UGH! So I'm finally coming to terms with it. Some of you might have seen on my facebook this weekend...I sent Lola to the groomers this weekend with a cute picture of Marisa's Obi bc I wanted the bottom of her face rounded (they used to cut straight across and refused to round it when I asked so it was really angular). In the past, whenever I have given them a picture with written directions on it, they just glanced at it and made me take it with me. Then there was a 70% chance that Lola would be cut the way I wanted them to. It's always been hit or miss.

Anyway, this time I take a SUPER cute picture of Obi and I tell them I want the bottom rounded, don't cut her eye hair and to make sure that the top knot stays. Simple enough right? I got yes'd to death by them and I left. When we get back to pick her up, I'm writing my check to them and I hear DH say, "I thought we were keeping the topknot!" They clipped it right off!!! So the owner said sorry, it's my fault, I didn't tell the woman who cut Lola and then the owner HID in the back until I left.

I was devastated. It brought me back to the time in 4th grade when my mom took me to Chinatown and told me the woman was only going to trim 2 inches of my hair and instead I got 8 inches cut off that day. I cried both times. The sad part is that they actually did cut the bottom of Lola's face exactly how I wanted them to. If she had said, we'll discount the cut or done something more customer service oriented than hide in the back, I would seriously still consider going back to them but now, never again.

I'm still trying to get her used to grooming her topknot even though it's barely there and will only stay for 5 minutes. I'm getting used to it and I've calmed down significantly since Saturday. I mean she's still cute but it's not what I paid for at ALL.

This is what I think her hair looks like when it's down:

I found a new groomer in CT but won't know for sure if she's good or not until next time Lola needs to get groomed. I tried grooming her myself once but she really wasn't letting me do anything with the clippers.

Just thought I'd share my tale of woe and tragedy because only SM would truly understand. DH kept telling me "It's not a big deal! It'll grow back!" which annoyed me because yes, I know it'll grow back but it's not the same in the interim. Plus, he's a guy. Bad haircut? No prob, it'll be fine in a week, a month tops. Bad haircut on a girl? Wait 6 months for it to grow out and then go to someone really good with at least 8 pictures of what you want you hair to look like and hope your hair turns out better this time around. Sigh. Thanks for reading through my vent
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Maltese Guru
AshleyAndSophiePup's Avatar
Name: Ashley
Dog's Name: Sophie
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: Western Washington
Posts: 1,016

Oh no That would irritate me to no end. Especially since the owner hid in the back! They don't have a "love it" guarantee? Most places around me have a guarantee that if you don't absolutely love the haircut, it's free.

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Sophie, Ashley, & Keiko Kitty

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Maltese Guru
Name: Nickee
Dog's Name: Yogi
Join Date: Jan 2013
Location: Uniontown,pa
Posts: 3,231
Default I Know!

I Can Understand your upset. But That Is One Beautifull Baby. We Should Be Able To Get What We Pay For.
And That Big Chicken Hiding--Shame Shame On Her.
You Know In My Town We Only Have About 6 Groomers and A Petsmart,You Should See What A Mess They Do On My Poor Yogie. There Have Been Times I Cry!

But She Is So Beautiful,And Some Groomers Are Just Jerks!!

Yogi Says Your are so Pretty,Lola!

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Maltese Guru
eiksaa's Avatar
Name: Aastha
Dog's Name: Gustave & Mieka
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 4,064

That is so infuriating. I would have created a huge scene. See, when you can tell someone's putting love into growing their dog's topknot (it was long!!) why wouldn't you double check before you cut it off!!

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Maltese Guru
ToniLWilson's Avatar
Name: Toni
Dog's Name: Bella
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: North Carolina
Posts: 421

Oh I would be HOT!!!!! but I must agree you still have a beautiful baby

Toni Wilson
Willow Springs, NC
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Maltese Guru
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Name: Nora
Dog's Name: Cici
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: San Luis Obispo County
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Oh no! That is so unprofessional of them :\ I would not have given them any money, (even though Lola still looks super cute ) just for not putting enough attention into following a customer's directions. I'm still struggling growing Cici's top knot with all the little short hairs that are not long enough to stay in the top knot, so I can just imagine how it made you feel with all the patience it looks like you've put into her pretty top knot. But at least I will grow back, right .
Lola probably haven't even noticed yet, she still looks like a happy fluff!

And by the way I did the same thing about taking one of Obi's pictures to the groomers LOL I just love his cut and wanted Cici just like that too, but shorter.

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Maltese Guru
italianna82's Avatar
Name: Anna
Dog's Name: Gucci
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: Charlotte, NC
Posts: 586

Well, I'd be pretty angry....but she's looking pretty darn cute imho!!!
Anna and Gucci
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Maltese Guru

maltese manica's Avatar
Name: Janene
Dog's Name: (Dearest Babinka 06/09/14 at the Rainbow Bridge) Peppino, Tiny Tina, Momma Nellie & Mister Sqeaky
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Ontario
Posts: 5,003

Hi Diana,

I thinks she is still sweet, but oh geez I dunno how you paid these people!!! If they dont listen to you in the first time dont go back. If I didnt do my own grooming, I would want to find a groomer that schedules one dog at a time, and that dont leave them on the table on the noose leash. Wont be crated up,no windows to have other people star or tap on windows to disturb or make the dog nervous., Will not leave the dog unattended to until the owner comes. and mostly no cage dryer my pet is not some kind of dish or object. Mostly someone that can connect and listen. It will take some time for you to get used to the cut but you will, and deff you baby is really sweet looking!!! good luck with everything Hugs
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Maltese Guru
maltese#1fan's Avatar
Name: Karen
Dog's Name: Bella and Jasmine (and Heidi at the Bridge)
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: Mount Joy, PA
Posts: 1,558

Why is it so hard to find a good groomer? I remember one time we took Heidi to a new groomer. It was a new local place and we always try to support the local businesses. Anyway, we said we wanted her to have a puppy cut. I don't think this lady ever groomed a maltese before (maybe any dog for that matter). She shaved all of Heidi's hair off the body and left the hair around her face long. We were beyond furious. Told the owner and all he said was that she was new and we should give her a chance. Needless to say we never went back there.

Your baby does look cute though.

"In a perfect world every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog"
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Maltese Guru
babycake7's Avatar
Name: Hope
Dog's Name: Bella
Join Date: Jan 2012
Location: New Mexico
Posts: 2,647

First of all, she still looks adorable...top knot or not. But that is truly infuriating. They should have not charged you at all...along with profuse apologies and given you the next grooming free as an act of good faith. It's ironic that I am just reading your post as literally right before I came on line, my groomer called me and asked me to stop by on my way home. She said, "I have two dogs here now who are groomer the way I think you want me to groom Bella. I have kept the pictures you texted me so that I know what we are working toward but I wanted you to see these dogs in person so please stop by so I know for certain we are on the same page with myself and Brit (her assistant groomer."

Of course, I will be stopping by. But seriously, I have always felt very fortunate to have a great groomer. Now after reading your post about sweet Lola, I really feel grateful.

Lola looks cute. I hope you find your perfect groomer. Give Lola a hug from us!
Hope and Bella Breeze
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