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Name: Crystal
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Default Jett & Callie's appt with the chiro/acupuncurist

I've been taking my 3 to a traditional vet who has studied Chinese herbs and acupuncture. But after my last visit to her due to Jett's pinched nerve, (diagnosed by my friend who's working at the emg. vet clinic), I felt that perhaps he needed someone with a little more education and training. So I made an appt with a vet near Chicago for today. His practice consists of: Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Chiropractic,Nutritional Therapy and Laser Therapy. Then on Sunday at the store's Holiday Pet Portrait Event, Callie jumped off a chair and hurt her back left leg. It's totally all my fault. She never jumps so I felt comfortable to turn my back on her to go get some treats. My friend who is a vet came to check her when she got off at the Emg. Vet Clinic. She could tell her patella was looser than it had been before. She suggested I see if perhaps this chiro vet could see her as well. Callie's putting weight on it but is holding it up by the end of the day.

Well the appt. was eye opening to say the least. I realized that as much as my regular vet helped Zoe, this vet has a much more extensive knowledge and training since this is his only area of practice. I found out Callie has a torn patellar ligament or medial collateral ligament, causing a rotation of the tibia. So we did laser treatment on her and will do a 2nd treatment in a couple of weeks. All my dogs are on one of the best liquid glucosamine/chondroitin supplement but he put Callie on Ligaplex II for tendon and ligament support. In 3-4 weeks we'll be starting some physical therapy. Jett has a pinched nerve with right low neck seratus ventalis whatever the heck that means. He's owie is what it means. He did some laser therapy, acupuncture and chiro on Jett. We really don't know how or when this happened. A couple of years ago he and Zoe were running and chasing each other and Zoe ran into the bedroom. By the time Jett got there, she had turned around and was heading back out. He ran full force into her. I still remember his screaming and how it lasted for a few minutes. So it could have been from that. And with all the anxiety he's been having with his vision loss, that could be part or all of it. It's so hard to say. Thankfully I really liked this guy a lot. He really impressed me. And I feel that finally I'm going to someone who will be leading me through what is happening to my babies and what's the best way to treat them rather than me having to tell my vet what I'm seeing and think is happening and then having to figure out the best course of treatment. With Jett, my old vet could never find the source of his pain and told me she wouldn't know there was a problem unless I told her. She made me feel a bit silly for video taping him struggling to eat his breakfast that clearly showed him in pain. And she never looked at it. This vet, Dr. Dan was not only able to find the source of pain, but could even tell it's a fairly old injury and was fully aware of how painful this was for him. Feels like a tremendous weight has been lifted from my shoulders. The down falls of small town living...not the best selection of vets or specialists. Now however, I'm terrified to see any of them want to run and play for fear of one of them injuring themselves even more. Would I be a neurotic mommy if I had full play suits made out of bubble wrap for them?
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Name: Susan
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Crystal - what a revelation. Glad to hear that you found this new he's trained in both Eastern and Western Veterinary medicine. Best of both worlds. Sounds like he's very intuitive and I really hope that the treatments help both Jett and Callie.
And yes I'd love if you could come up with a new line of clothing...lined with bubble wrap. Not really, Kids have to be kids despite the injuries they have and dogs have to be dogs despite their injuries. Keep us posted on Jett and Callie's progress. BTW any suggestions from him for Jett's eyesight?

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Wow, that sounds like a very good vet. Wish I would find one like this here. For now I don't really need one, Charlie is healthy, but you never know down the road. The one I went to is okay but does only conventional medicine.
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Name: sandi
Dog's Name: Kitzel & Liesl
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Crystal, I will be following this story w/personal interest for sure---even more than usual. If this works for Callie, I would be interested in seeing this vet for Kitzel. Please send me the contact info by PM. If I get near him I will definitely do a consult.
Praying for all the best, knowing how frustrating it can be!
Kisses to the babies.
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You are so fortunate to have found this wonderful new Dr. to help care for your babies. I am a firm believer in using "alternative" approaches to healing ... it can very much compliment modern medicine. I look forward to hearing how beautifully they are healing.

Oh and I'd like to order a bubble wrap outfit for Bella ....and for me. I'm not so graceful either .

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Name: Marti
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I'm so glad you found a great vet for your babies. That bubble wrap sounds like a great idea!
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Name: Crystal
Dog's Name: Zoe, Jett & Callie (Cher-Chien's California Dreamin)
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Location: Indiana
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Well I'm shockingly pleased to report that Jett and Callie had the zoomies this morning before breakfast. Jett's not done that since he was having pain a couple of weeks ago. And he ate his entire breakfast without having to walk away from it a few times! Now he didn't eat with full gusto, but he licked the plate clean again. Dr. Dan really didn't expect for me to see results until after the 2nd treatment with Jett. So I'm very happy. He explained that the area of his pinched nerve is making his feet feel like he's walking or standing on pins and needles. So that does make sense why he would lift up a foot every so often while trying to eat.

Callie probably should not have run like that but I really had no way of stopping her. Had I put her in a crate, she would have been bouncing on her back legs. He does want her to use them and exercise in small standing on her back legs to look up at something. But not in excess at this point yet.
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Name: April
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Wow, Crystal..this is interesting..I am so glad you found this doc..and to think of Jett doing zoomies brings happy tears to my know as well as I do they do that when they are happy and feeling good..not long ago, there was a news story about acupuncture for dogs on my t.v. that spoke of how it really works and that convential vets are learning more about it..Immediately, I thought of you because you are the first person I have known to use it and have good results...I guess I am thinking of Zoe's back..anyway thanks for sharing this as I think we will eventually see the use of acupuncture in traditional veterinary medicine..
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Name: Tori
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Oh I'm so glad you found a TCVM! That is wonderful! He will really help your fluffs

I hope they both feel better soon!

Grace (Dec. 4, 2011) & Gus (Dec.15, 2009)

my lyme journey blog: faith, water, & yoga

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Name: Diana
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Crystal, you are one of the best malt mommies I know! So glad you found this guy, he sounds like he knows his stuff.

IF you do make a bubble vest suit, I can't wait to see pics of Jett & Callie modeling it lol
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