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Name: Jennifer
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I used a pop up playpen for Sophia when she was a puppy. As she got older and I felt that I could leave her in a larger space, I blocked off a room that was all tiled just in case of accidents. Once she was totally trained I let her run the whole house with Bailey.

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Name: Pam
Dog's Name: Leila
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That one from Walmart is what I use. I also have the fabric one that folds up and has the lid, but got it mainly for traveling.

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For safety gates, I like the kind that have translucent plastic instead of wire (or plastic) mesh. I remember reading that a SM member's husband had made one. Since I don't have anyone that handy around, I was happy to find one I could buy! The dogs seem more relaxed with these, eventually, when they realize they can't climb out, and they can't see out so well, either.

I started with the tall one (32") like this --
Amazon.com: North States Clear View Pet Gate Xt 26" - 42" x 32": Pet Supplies Amazon.com: North States Clear View Pet Gate Xt 26" - 42" x 32": Pet Supplies

and recently bought the shorter one (23"), like this --
Amazon.com: North States Supergate Pressure Mount Clear Choice Wood Gate: Baby Amazon.com: North States Supergate Pressure Mount Clear Choice Wood Gate: Baby

but haven't taken it out of the box yet. The manufacturer's website says they aren't making the shorter one anymore, so I thought I'd better get one now!
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Name: Gail
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Name: Gail
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Originally Posted by CorkieYorkie View Post
We are going to try a washable pee pad... i feel like taping it would just result in her scratching it off the floor bathroom seems to be the next step, but when she's gated in the 2nd bedroom, she scratches/bites it relentlessly and that is when we are HOME...
I don't know if this might apply, but Lucy goes nuts if we put her in her xpen when we are HOME, but is fine when we're not home. She just hates the idea of being confined when she "should be" with us, I guess. I mean, we have to have everything "ready to go", put her in the pen and then leave. I've "spyed" on her through the window, etc. and she's fine. But we if come back in or take too long to leave, she gets herself all worked up.
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Name: Bridget
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Bella hated being in a gated or closed bathroom...she went wild. We finally determined that the space had to be large"ish" and so that she could see around a bit, for her to feel comfortable. We got an iron gate (the kind that swings open) and gated the kitchen. We put her bed, food, toys etc in the kitchen. Perfection! She loved it and was so happy that we'd finally figured out what she needed....slow Mommy lol . We also use the UgoDog and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Super easy to clean. Smartest $50 (including shipping) we ever spent.

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Name: Brenda
Dog's Name: Jodi
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Jodi would definitely not like being gated in a room while I was home, I guess he has never got used to it. Since this is a new home for Lisa, it will probably take a while for her to get used to different scenarios and routines. I'm not sure why you want her in the room while you are home. If you need to separate them for short periods, I think it would work better if she was in a pen in the same room or in your sight and give her things to keep her occupied. Although that may not be easy in terms of space etc. Maybe just put her there for short periods and work up to longer periods (with a frozen kong with canned food or treats to keep her busy?). Jodi spends alot of time in the bedroom (sleeping) even when I'm home but he 'grew into' that pattern. If he was wide awake and there was alot of activity in the house he wouldn't want to be closed in there and would be barking at the door for sure. I've had to put him in a bedroom when an aunt was visiting and he was not happy, I had to take him out and carry him, but that's not always practical either.

ps...oh you said during feeding time. How about changing the feeding routine. Feed one dog in the room until he/she eats it, and gate the area so the other dog can't reach it or hold him/her until the other one is finished. Don't leave the food down. You could also put her food in the bedroom let her eat there, but gate the hallway so she really isn't confined in there but can move down the hall but her food is not in sight of the other dog. That might work depending on the layout of your place. If she doesn't eat it all at that time, take it up and try feeding her later.
I have to put the cats food downstairs because her food is left down and Jodi can't reach it there.

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Name: Tori
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I don't remember if you know Lisa's history or not??

Was she a puppy mill dog?

If so -- a crate may not be a good option for her.

If not -- did her last family use a crate? If so - it may not have been done right so may not be a good option, again.

I'd try a larger space. And maybe doing something like Crate Games to establish a positive association with the space. Crate Games can be done with anything "confining". It may really help her.

Hugs for you and Lisa. You're doing great!

Grace (Dec. 4, 2011) & Gus (Dec.15, 2009)

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Name: Maggie
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Courtney, Tessa shreds a pad unless it's on the tray, so you might give that a try. Amazon has the Iris Training Pad Holders in a variety of sizes, and that's what we have.

With both of mine, I put the pad in an x-pen and it worked great.
Sweetness and Tessa
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Name: Courtney
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We might try an xpen... I'm just afraid that Lisa will tear/chew her way out because of the soft sides... but it's worth a shot.

Yes, we only gate Lisa off in the 2nd bedroom during feeding times, they both now eat their food in just a few minutes (before we switched Ozzie from Blue Buffalo to Fromm he used to pick at it for 15 min. and not eat it all), making life so much easier!

I am considering the Ugodog, but am hesitant because we didn't have much luck with the Potty Patch LOL. I am also hesitant to buy anymore gates because Ozzie learned to get out of them somehow (still not sure how) and Lisa is MUCH more limber than Ozzie so we are positive she would figure a away out of the gates if we gated her in the kitchen (which has 2 entranceways).

A pad tray sounds like a good thing to try... I guess it's trial and error at this point!! Oh, and we have NO clue about Lisa's history... don't think she was a mill dog because she's a mix, and we know she lost her eye due to conjunctivitis, but that is IT. I have an inkling that she was coddled a LOT by her previous owner(s) because she is very clingy.. always wants to be in your lap and cries incessantly when we gate her off or crate her for any length of time. I'm talking during feeding time once she is done eating she is at the gate and crying! It is really pitiful, I will have to video it sometime LOL.

I will keep you guys posted once I'm back to work on Monday!! Any other suggestions are always welcome!!

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