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Name: Marly
Dog's Name: Zoe
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: California
Posts: 74
Default Just a few questions

I brought Zoe to a vet recommended by a friend, and so far she's looking good, besides some constipation. The vet instructed me to use a warm wet washcloth to help her go.

I forgot to ask the vet how many times should she be going. Right now she poops about twice during the day, and once at night. Is that enough?

I have her eating Blue Buffalo softened with some puppy replacement milk and her stool comes out solid initially, then the last few drops are liquid - is this normal?

Also, when will most of her teeth come in? Right now she has a few that has erupted, but for the most part she's pretty much toothless. She likes to bite and gnaw on my fingers. As of now it doesn't hurt, but I know from experience that puppies' teeth are the worst! I just want to have an idea when I can start teaching her not to bite me or others.

And last questions for now: the vet told me to keep her from going outside and away from other animals that I don't know the vaccination status of (he recommended that she starts her vaccines in 2-3 weeks). I sometimes hang out with my friends at their houses, and they have pets - a mixture of cats and dogs.

They have told me that all of their vaccinations are up to date, is it okay for her to start socializing with other animals? She was taken from her mother really young and I thought that this might be beneficial for her. Of course I'll be there to keep an eye on everything, but I just wanted to make sure it's fine.

Thanks in advance!
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Maltese Guru
Zoe's Mom88's Avatar
Name: Barbie
Dog's Name: Zoe (Kyra my Angel in Heaven)
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: New York
Posts: 5,480

How old is Zoe?? Pooping 3 times a day is normal. My Zoe poops twice a day. Not sure what the washcloth would do. I would also make sure she is fully vaccinated before she interacts with other animals.
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Name: Marly
Dog's Name: Zoe
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: California
Posts: 74

She's 5 weeks. He told me the wash cloth would help simulate her mom licking her anal area, which would help her to go.
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Name: Tori
Dog's Name: Grace -maltipoo, Gus - poodle mix
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Miss Zoe.... I'm glad you too her to a vet, and one that sounds very knowledgeable!

I think puppies that young should poop after every meal (like newborns).... but if she is pooping three times and eating okay then that might be okay for her

Teeth.... Most Maltese puppies get all of their baby teeth between 12-16 weeks. Then they start losing them around 20 weeks LOL Fun, huh?

She will get more teeth soon The soft food is great.

Your vet is right about keeping her separate.

The friends pets thing is hard.... because she is much more vulnerable than a 12 week puppy would be.

I'd be afraid of the other dogs carrying things in from outside on their paws, so even if they had a bath before they saw Zoe their floors would be contaminated.

If they go anywhere like Petsmart or Petco or a dog park... they could be carrying things that she could possibly get.

I don't knwo... maybe someone else can offer advice on that.

I'd say no. If you have a friend who's dog is friendly and safe and who stays inside most of the time, doesn't walk in high dog traffic areas or see many public dogs.... then maybe.

Enjoyed Zoe's video today

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Name: Marly
Dog's Name: Zoe
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: California
Posts: 74

Thanks for the advice!

Also, I just noticed something today. The rim of Zoe's left eye is black, and she has some black around the area too, but the right one is pink with no black. I took some pictures because I'm sure I described that weird. It may be nothing, but I guess because she's so young I'm hyperaware of everything, I don't want to miss any thing.

Right eye

Both eyes

Is this normal?
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Name: Kaitlin
Dog's Name: Sadie
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Connecticut
Posts: 204

Aww she is so cute! My Sadie only has pink around her eyes, no black. And a pink stripe down her nose. She's just missing pigmentation, nothing to worry about! :-)

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Name: Debra
Dog's Name: My Malts: Annika, Autumn, Jurney, Secret, Winnie, Ricky, & Rumor. My Boxers: Mika & Greta
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Absolutely, do not allow her around other animals or even people (be very discriminating) until she has at the very least 2 vacs in her. Shots do not take immediately....they take about 7 to 10 days to take. Parvo (which is deadly to puppies) can be carried on shoes, clothing, other pet's feet.....even carried possibly in the air. Thank heavens your vet will not do her shots now as she's too young. My pups get vaccinated at 9, 12, & 16 weeks....and noone (I mean noone) gets near my pups until about 13 weeks at the earliest.

As for the pigment around her eyes.....no biggie. It can take several weeks, if not a few months for pigment to come in, depending on the bloodlines. It's possible, it may never come in...only time will tell.

As for pottying, make sure she gets plenty of moisture in her food so as to keep her from getting constipated.
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