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Name: Vinh & Ann
Dog's Name: Biscuit (@Rainbow Bridge), Pork Chop, and Emmie
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Default Biscuit roller coaster rides continue

Hello Everyone,
Sorry I have been so busy that I haven't had the chance to post update on Biscuit. Warning: long post....

Biscuit has been doing moderately well until yesterday evening when again as anticipated; he had another and more violent seizure. I said anticipated because yesterday was the beginning day of stepping down the Prednisone from 7.5mg twice per day, to 7.5mg only once per day for the next 35days. Sunday was day-1 and we decided to give the once per day dose at 7AM.

Both Ann and I was very nervous every time we move into a lower Prednisone schedule and sure enough at around 10:50PM Sunday evening, Biscuit was sleeping and suddenly he woke up and hurry out like he wanted to pee or poop, then suddenly his head tilted quickly to the right and nested close to his body at it seem to stay locked in that position for merely 3-5 sec and then he failed over and started to jerk violently.

What is different this time and for the first time as we can recall is that not only he was having a violent jerking with his head and body, Biscuit was also yelping out loud like he was in pain. Ann and I was both frantically trying to multitask with me trying to comfort Biscuit and starting the video recording on my phone while Ann try to get the Diazepam shot ready to inject into Biscuit. I was only able to capture the tail end of the beginning of the seizure when Biscuit was yelping loudly. It was both frightening and heartbroken for us to see Biscuit goes through this. I don't mean to bring back sad or bad memories but I'll have to ask if anyone has seen this type of violent seizure before where you dog is yelping out loud? I'm guessing he shift in the Prednisone dose is causing Biscuit disease to fluctuate, if that is even the right analogy, and causing his head or brain pains which resulting in the yelping.

The seizure lasted for 7-10min before we got the Diazepam injection ready to administer rectally. Once Ann pump in the solution, Biscuit reacts to it right away and try to stand up but then I believe the natural reaction causing Biscuit to poop. Within a matter of 10-14min later, we can see that the injection is working and Biscuit started to calm down from his seizure and eventually the seizure stops. But that 10-14min duration, you can see in the video that he was still seizuing and almost all of his body was jerking. It was difficult for us as we were debating should we rush him to ER or not but we were glad that we didn't rush into that decision. We were so relieved that the injection works as intended and stop the seizure.

It happens right at the time for his 11PM Keppra dose so we gave him both the Keppra and Phenobarbital right he calms down. I'll tell you both Ann and I almost lost our minds with this latest relapse.

Lately we been notice too that Biscuit back legs are gradually weakening and making it difficult for him to stand on all fours. His back legs gives easily causing him to stumble and roll uncontrollably which is also hard to watch but nothing much we can do about it. Dr. Sisson confirms that this is due to the increase dosage of Keppra and Phenobarbital.

Another thing we're very worry about is due to Biscuit increase appetite, he gets very excited and frantic during feeding time, and he just go nuts gobbling up his food. We're worried that this could give him a chance to inhale the food into his lungs and we were told that if this happen he could develop pneumonia? Which could be permanent and fatal?

Does anyone know the signs and symptoms to look for if your pet could be developing pneumonia?

We’re now in day-2 24/7 Biscuit’s watch and we’re hoping that yesterday relapse is the only one for the next 35 day of lowered Prednisone. Dr. Sisson instruction is that if the Diazepam injection continues to be effective in stopping the seizure, then we do not need to rush Biscuit to the ER unless he experienced 3 or more seizures within the same hour.

Lastly, we have decided to share the videos captured last night so we can hopefully help to share and educate other, but I have to warn everyone that they could be very disturbing to watch. You will also her audio of us trying to rush and calm Biscuit down.

The boy sure is a fighter and both his Mommy and Daddy going to rough this rides out with him.

Hope the Videos works for everyone...sorry video was recorded upsidedown.


Biscuit (@Rainbow Bridge), Pork Chop, and Emmie

Vinh & Ann
San Jose, California
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Name: Jackie
Dog's Name: Pippa and Cozette. Dolly and Tiffany are angels at the Bridge
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Southern California
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Ann and Vinh, I am so sorry you are going through this-- but what a trouper little Biscuit is! My Maltese Dolly had seizures at the end of her little life, and at times she also did the barking type noise you describe. It's heartbreaking to watch, I know. I'll continue praying for Biscuit, and I'll also be praying that you and Dr. Sisson and your regular vet know the right things to do. Again, I'm so sorry that this is such a rough road for you all, but you are wonderful parents to little Biscuit.

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Name: Terry
Dog's Name: Naddie, Quincy, & ( "Angel Missy" 8/11/94-7/19/05 )
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I couldn't bring myself to watch the video , but my heart goes out to you all just with your description.... . I think a 'quiet' seizure would be quite enough to witness but to hear yelping as well must have been just awful for you both! I continue to pray that these episodes will soon be brought under control!
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Name: Cookie
Dog's Name: Yukki and Genki
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Poor sweet little Biscuit. Such a trooper. If his seizures are almost like clockwork, can't the doctor figure out a different protocol for his meds?

Please know you and Biscuit are in our prayers and I am so sorry you all are having to go through this. But Biscuit is blessed to have you in his life to help him through this and to take such good care of him. He is a lucky puppy in that! Please give him lots of cuddles and kisses from me!!
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Sweet Biscuit please get better .... the eating alot is from prednisone one of the side effects i have been praying for Biscuit and will continue to pray im so sorry you are going through all this i truly understand your worry, helplessseness and all the emotions that go with caring for a sick puppy oxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoox
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Oh I am so sorry to hear that Buscuit is still going through all of this and that you and Ann have had to witness yet another episode. I will continue to say prayers for all of you that eventually Biscuit will be free of all of his medical issues. I too could not bring myself to watch the videos either.
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Name: Deborah
Dog's Name: Laurel (maltese), Dewey, Violet and Hardy and Dewey
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My prayers continue for Sweet Biscuit. You and Ann are very strong and loving parents to him, and pray that a right combination and correct dosage of meds will be found to keep him seizure free. I'm going through stomach issues with one of mine, and am a basket case, so I can't imagine what you're going through.
Deborah and my Fluffs, Laurel, Violet , Hardy and Dewey!

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Name: sandi
Dog's Name: Kitzel & Liesl
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Vinh & Ann---firstly, you are doing a terrific job to manage all that you do & video this for those who might need to watch it one day (God forbid). I did watch both of them & it reminded me of another pup we had in the UK who had seizures & was vocal like Biscuit was here. Unfortunately he did not make it (I am sorry to have to tell you that now but I believe in being really honest). Our vet there did not know what was wrong w/Stormy so he had no treatment---this was some yrs. ago.
I really don't know how you two keep going. I admire your strength and pray that Dr. S. will be able to give you the help to make him more comfortable. Please know that WE all love your baby & want the best for all of you.
Qui me amat, amet et canem meum. (Who loves me will love my dog also.), - St. Bernard
"Life without a maltese is like summer without ice-cream." - St. Edelweiss

"Wag more Bark less"
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Name: Janene
Dog's Name: (Dearest Babinka 06/09/14 at the Rainbow Bridge) Peppino, Tiny Tina, Momma Nellie & Mister Sqeaky
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I am really sorry that Biscuit is going throught this. I pray for all of you!!!
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Name: Laurie
Dog's Name: My Triple Threat - Lily, Addie, Jackson, Luci Mae at the bridge
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Oh sweet Biscuit, you're a tough little boy. Please continue to be strong until your meds can get regulated. Your mommy and daddy adore you.
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