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Default 10 Reasons Not To Buy A Puppy From A Pet Store

I just received an email from dogster and I thought it was excellent:

10 Reasons Not to Buy a Puppy From a Pet Store

Most dog lovers know about the often horrid conditions of puppy mills, the unregulated breeding facilities owned by disreputable breeders. Dogs are often bred far too frequently, are kept cramped together in squalor, and are not socialized with humans. In addition, these breeders do not care about the health and strength of the breed, which often results in genetic illnesses, poor health in general and unlikable personality traits. But many of these same dog aficionados, who have t-shirts and bumper stickers denouncing puppy mills, don't know that most puppies sold at pet stores come from there.
There are some pet stores that buy their puppies from commercial kennels regulated by the Department of Agriculture. However, even these pups tend to be unhealthy and unsocialized. This is partly due to the fact that commercial kennels tend to breed many different breeds in one facility and they breed for quantity, not quality. Therefore, their interest does not lie in the healthy promotion of a certain breed but rather in how many sales they can get. So, before you buy that cute puppy in the window, consider the downsides of pet store pups:
10 Reasons Not to Buy From a Pet Store

1. Bad Health: Because so many pet store pups come from puppy mills, they are not the result of careful breeding and they are usually not well cared for before coming to the store. Some common illnesses and conditions are neurological problems, eye problems, hip dysplasia, blood disorders and Canine Parvovirus.
2. Behavioral Problems: Because breeding is indiscriminate, behavioral problems are not weeded out generationally. You'll also find that a pet store's staff is not likely to have any training in dealing with behavior issues so the puppies continue to do the wrong things, which become habit.
3. No Socialization: Pet stores pups are often pulled away from their litter at far too young an age, often at only four or five weeks. The earliest a puppy should be separated from his pack is eight weeks and most reputable breeders will say at least 10 weeks. This lack of time socializing with his siblings means that puppy will not develop important canine skills. Likewise, a puppy who has not been handled by people from about three weeks will not naturally socialize well with them.
4. The Downfall of the Standard: In a broad sense, purchasing a puppy from a pet store and then breeding her means you are ruining the standard of that breed because the previous breeders were not concerned with it.
5. Lack of Information: A member of a pet store staff is not an expert on a breed and often not on dogs in general. Purchasing a puppy from a store means you will not get the lowdown on that breed or likely help with any behavioral or other questions.
6. Return at Your Puppy's Peril: Most pet stores do offer a warranty of sorts where you can bring the puppy back if he has problems. They don't tend to tell customers that the puppy's fate, once returned, is usually euthanization.
7. Housebreaking is a Chore: Pet store puppies have spent all their short lives in cages. They do not have the opportunity to develop the natural canine instinct of eliminating away from their food and bed. This causes problems when you try to housebreak them.
8. What You See Isn't Necessarily What You Get: If you see what looks like a Maltese in the window, you may find, as she grows, that there's a little Maltese in there somewhere but mostly she looks like a Terrier. There is no guarantee you will get a purebred dog if that's what you're after.
9. Poor Value: A puppy from a pet store generally costs between $400 and $2,000. This is often more than you'd pay at a reputable breeder who can ensure you get a healthy puppy and provide support afterward.
10. Questionable Pedigree: You're paying for a pedigree, or AKC papers, when you buy a puppy from a pet store but it's very likely that it's not genuine. If the papers are genuine, it still doesn't mean the puppy is a good example of its breed - you need a reputable breeder to prove that.
What are our options other than pet store puppies? Reputable breeders are always a good choice. They are very knowledgeable about the breed they represent and can help with behavioral and physical issues that might come up later. These breeders socialize their puppies early on, breed in good traits and breed out bad ones and they can show you your puppies' parents and give you their history.
Another great option is adopting a puppy. Human Societies, local animal shelters and breed rescues are all good places to look. True, you don't have the benefit of meeting you pup's parents but rescued puppies are thoroughly examined for any illness or condition, are socialized by staff and trained early on. Also, if you adopt a mixed puppy you will likely find he is very healthy as mutts are often healthier than purebreds.
So the next time you see that adorable puppy in the window, pause and think about the downsides of pet store pups. Buying from such a store is, in essence, supporting them and the horrible practice of puppy mills. It is also almost a sure bet that you'll have a bad experience.

Deb, Toto & Tuffy
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Good stuff...and right-on, sister!

Pepper (the avatar) and The Squeege (the siggy)

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Very good!
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WOOOO!!!! I love it!!!
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very nice! and so true.

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Yes-so true! On a positive note, none of the pet stores where I live sell puppies. They are all involved in adoption and every weekend the shelters bring over puppies and kittens and many homes have been found for them. Believe it or not-the word IS getting out.

April(Rose & Lily)
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great posts !
" my little dog - a heartbeat at my feet "
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Default Questions?

This article was a good one to read. I have a question though. The puppy store in my mall says that it is "puppy mill free". Does this still count even if they claim that these puppies are not from mills?

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Originally Posted by Hakutou View Post
This article was a good one to read. I have a question though. The puppy store in my mall says that it is "puppy mill free". Does this still count even if they claim that these puppies are not from mills?

Of course they will say that. But NO reputable breeder will sell puppies to a pet store. Good breeders breed and show their dogs to better the breed, and would never sell to a pet store where the aren't in control of who and where their puppies are going to.

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Originally Posted by Hakutou View Post
This article was a good one to read. I have a question though. The puppy store in my mall says that it is "puppy mill free". Does this still count even if they claim that these puppies are not from mills?

I have been told this, too. But what does it really mean? Where do they get their puppies? They may be talking semantics. What do they consider a puppy mill?

Most folks consider puppy mills commercial breeding operations where profit is the primary motive for breeding. Also, they usually produce puppies in such numbers that they need a third party (or several third parties) to sell the puppies for them.

Ethical breeders ALWAYS sell directly to the "forever-family" themselves. They want to know exactly where their dogs are going and they want to do the screening to match the right home with the right puppy. They want to know that puppy will be in a good place, loved for life and if for any reason the new family can not keep the lifetime commitment, the puppy will be returned to them. So again, there is never a third party making the decisions for dogs they have bred.

Essentially, I think the folks at your local Mall telling you that their puppies do not come from Mills is because they are either liars, or more likely they are simple employees who are uninformed and do not understand. Most Mills do not call themselves Mills. They say they are selling Maltese (and Yorkies and ShihTzu's and Pugs and many more) from their lovely FARM. And of course on their "FARM" they treat these puppies just like livestock. There is no emotional connection and they have not been raised to one day become someone's family member. They are raised the same way that chickens or pigs might be that are destined for the slaughter.
~ Carina & the CloudClan ~

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