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Default Is it possible to get a good and healthy puppy for $500?

I have been wanting a little Maltese since i was 4 years old, i am now 18 years old. Through out these years my mom lied to me "ill get you one when we move", or "ill get you one when we buy a house. We moved,we bought a house, and i even had her ex-boyfriend fighting constantly to actually buy me one at the age of 13 and her lie was "until we more to a bigger house", the house is already HUGE. Anyways, she promised to buy me one after finishing high school as a gift, but she does NOT want to spend over $500 on it. i am so scared to the point that i no longer want a Maltese because i am afraid she is going to get it from a pet store, puppy mill, backyard breeder,etc. Because i know the ones that are well breed and their owners take care of them and registered with AKC are so expensive. i have checked the ones in Florida (where i live), it costs about $2000 and UP. i have been wanting it for YEARS, i dont want to buy a pet store one and end up with crazy vet bills or for him to die, ill go crazy. imagine a dream comes true and than falls apart
My question is, is it possible to buy an affordable healthy Maltese puppy? and where can i find this without using pet stores,etc


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There are some rescue babies around if you check rescue sites. Where are you located? Please don't give up & settle for a BYB or pet shop---you would be buying trouble.
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Can you get a 12 week old puppy from a reputable breeder with a health guarantee for $500? Probably not. But you could probably get an older "teenage" puppy or retiree for that. If you're tempted to "buy" a pet store puppy or a BYB puppy, then instead you need to get a rescue as they're all from puppy mills or BYBs as well. You're getting the same quality of dog with the same health risks, but at least it will have been fully vetted and spayed by that point so you'll have a better idea if there is a health problem. And you'll be saving a life rather than supporting the puppy mills. Keep in mind, if you get a puppy, you've got a load of vet expenses that you'll incur that first year, healthy or not. So if your mom is limiting the budget to $500, is she accounting for the cost of spay/neuter, shots, supplies, grooming etc that will go on top of that? If she buys from a pet store or BYB, how is she going to feel about vet bills for URIs, ear infections, possibly Parvo?


Does it HAVE to be a puppy? How is your mom going to feel about poop and pee accidents in her house, and a puppy keeping her up all night crying when it first comes home? Sounds like she's not much of a dog person? Just things to consider!

I do wish you the best of luck and I really appreciate that you found us and are asking the right questions, as you will get good honest answers!

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You know your situation better than anyone else but I'm going to tell you my experience. I purchased an african grey parrot when I was 18 years old. I still have him, and honestly, if I knew then what I know now, I would never have purchased him. I really believe when we are 18 we need to focus on our future, wether that be, going to college, or just moving out on your own, getting stable in a job, getting your own place and getting settled.

You need to know where YOU are going to be and you need to be stable so that you can decide, at that time, if it will be the right thing for you to get a dog. You may get out on your own and discover that dogs don't fit into your lifestyle-maybe you'll be a cat lover, maybe you'll not want pets at all.

I know you've dreamed of one since you were tiny. I dreamed of having a horse since I could talk, I drew them, wrote stories about them, volunteered at ranches just to be near them, I was obsessed... then I got out on my own, grew up, and realized that they just don't fit into my lifestyle-and you can ask anyone, I was all about horses.

I also always wanted a german shepherd and somehow ended up with malts.

That little of money is going to get you either a rescue, a puppy from a shelter, or a puppy mill/backyard breeder dog. I think the best bit of advice I can give is get out on your own-find out where YOU are going and who YOU are going to be and then decide if it will work for you. Life isn't over at 18 or 20 or 25, or good grief, I didn't get my own dog till 33!
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I understand how you feel - I wanted a puppy all my life, but my dad did finally buy me a toy poodle when I was 12. Have you graduated from HS and are you going to college? Dorms do not allow puppies and it sounds like your mom really does not want a dog. If I were you, I would focus on college and/or career first. Once you are out on your own, a maltese would be perfect for apartment life and you can train your fluff as such. Maybe in the meantime, you could volunteer assisting a maltese breeder or handler and end up with a very good price on a beautiful pup - when you have your own place. I know how it feels to be impatient, but my father taught me a very valuable lesson which I will always remember - "If you can't afford the best, wait until you can!"
Carole, Giovanni & Manny

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Many people say that you should go for a rescue, but (please forgive me) that is the same as going to a puppy mill or BYB, the difference is that the puppy mill or BYB doesn't profit. I love all dogs and when I can I contribute to help rescues, but I am selfish too. I went to a highly reputable breeder for my puppy and I spent the money. While I want to help all poor innocent little dogs, I also want to support the sport and art of careful breeding. You need to decide where you are and what is important to you. Essentially, those of us who love dogs support rescue or show breeders. It is a choice and either is a good choice in my never humble opinion. Just as long as you don't allow cost to enter the equation. Never choose rescue over show breeder because of the price. The upkeep costs quickly exceed the adoption costs no matter which route you go.
I have the utmost respect for people who take on rescues, but I have seen that the little ones reward the people who adopt them one hundredfold.
I never want to see the art, science and love of purebred dogs fade into oblivion because good people only rescue.
Either way is good. But buying a dog for $500 from a newspaper ad is not supporting either. It was the way we got a puppy twenty years ago, but today it is not the best way to go.
MiMi & Sylvie
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I agree that people should not adopt a rescue dog solely because they think they can get a purebred dog that way more cheaply than they can get one from a resputable breeder. Sometimes a dog you adopt from a rescue will have more problems down the road, sometimes fewer. Legitimate rescues care about the well-being of a dog. It's something positive. And it should be from the adopter's perspective, too.

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Originally Posted by shellbeme View Post
You know your situation better than anyone else but I'm going to tell you my experience. I purchased an african grey parrot when I was 18 years old.

I didn't get my own dog till 33!
Shelly, this is so weird--I got my parrot when I was 18 and my first dog on my own (Zooey) when I was 33!

To the OP--you have gotten great advice. If I were you, I would definitely wait a few more years until you're out of college. You've waited this long, so why not just a few more years? Plus, if you want to go the show breeder route, you can see if you can save up enough money for a pup. Or maybe you'll decide to rescue, which seriously will get you the most loving dog possible in my oh so humble opinion... But just wait it out. Your household with your mom doesn't sound like a welcoming place for a pup (I'm sorry about that). Focus on you and your future for now.

Elisabeth & Zooey
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A rescue isn't the same as a BYB or a puppy mill. The fluff you adopt helps them to keep rescing puppymill puppies and BYB puppies or unwanted dogs in a kill shelter.
$500 for a rescue puppy ,it will probably be less than that, will not only rescue that fluff but allow more to be rescued...

If you want a puppy from a reputable breeder it will be a lot more and no guarantee it will be issue free,but hopefully that breeder if reputable will have a health guarantee.

You get what you pay for when you get a $500 puppy from just any place...

At least with a rescue,sure it's a chance that it might not be healthy too, but if it is healthy,you've done more than buy a puppy, you did a good deed that goes beyond just adopting.

If you want a guaranteed high quality show quality puppy, it will cost a lot,no way around that, you have to decide, what the budget is, what you're willing to spend and what you really want in a fluff.

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I re-read my post and realize I didn't say it quite right. Let me try to clarify. If you get a rescue, chances are it came from a puppymill or BYB and therefore would pose the same health risks, because the parents aren't screened for genetic illnesses. Which is not to say that it would definitely have come from one of those places or that it would certainly have health issues...not at all. Of course, many dogs from shelters are perfectly healthy, and rescue organizations screen for health problems and correct them with good medical care before putting them up for adoption.

Sometimes, you have something in your head, that comes out wrong when you are trying to be brief.
MiMi & Sylvie
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