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Originally Posted by Ladysmom View Post
How horrible! Where did you take her for these classes? Was the trainer certified? It sounds like the trainer had no idea what she was doing.

I don't blame you for being upset! It is inexcusable for the trainer to allow this with a group of puppies she knew nothing about. Poor, poor Sadie.

I totally agree with Marge!!! And I would have cried too!!

Mateo & Mia
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Please don't take your baby back to this class. It sounds horrifying to you and I can just imagine what Sadie was feeling. It's okay don't blame yourself as you thought you were doing the right thing. She is fine and will soon forget what happened. Hugs to you and Sadie.
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Name: Susan
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None of this was your fault. I place the blame on the trainer. It reminds me of when I first took Tyler to a puppy play group. Well all the other "puppies" were really large and pretty out of control and Tyler was petrified just like Sadie. It really wasn't a good facility and they didn't seem to care what the dogs did. Tyler sat between my legs and then insisted on me picking her up. After that I decided I really wanted to socialize him with dogs that were somewhat his size and we attended a Maltese Meet Up. Tyler was afraid the first one but then was perfectly fine after that. We then signed up for Puppy obedience and I asked about the size of the dogs. The trainer worked with me to make sure that Tyler was in a class of small to medium dogs. Most all the time was spent learning with a little socializing at the end after the pups had been familiar with seeing each other and a little tired from class. Like others I would suggest you get your money back from that class (that photo is enough to say it was a bad idea) and find another and make sure she or he is APDT certified. Also look for toy/small dog or Maltese meet ups in your area.

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Name: Debbie
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Here are a link to hopefully help you find a trainer if and when you decide to enroll her in a class, to search for a trainer in your area just go to the left and click 'Dog Trainer Search', for some reason when i try to link it here it takes you to the page on 'How to Chose a Dog Trainer'. I'm just so sorry that you and your baby had to go through that.

How to Choose a Dog Trainer

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How big were the other puppies? I agree with everyone else - this is the TRAINER'S fault, not yours. If it was someplace like Petsmart or Petco, I would complain to the manager. That does not sound right.

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I totally agree with all the others and would definitely NOT take her back. I KNOW I would have cried so don't feel bad about feeling sad, mad and upset for your baby. We love our babies and hate to see them upset or hurting. In fact, I was even near tears reading this!! These little ones are so precious and do not need to be subjected to rough treatment of any kind. I think I might have been so mad that I would have gone and picked her up and jsut LEFT!!!!!!!!!! And to be honest, I am curious to know what that trainer was trying to accomplish with such harsh treatment.
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Name: Kaitlin
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I will definitely look into small dog meet ups in my area. I have a few friends in the area with dogs and we've had many successful puppy play dates, so maybe I will just keep doing that for now. Sadie has played with two yellow labs and was totally fine. She was actually bullying them and stealing all of their toys! I don't think it was even the size of these dogs tonight so much as the fact that they were stepping on her and squishing her.

I am going to email the trainer tomorrow about what happened. I did check out the link and the trainer I am going to is the only one that was listed in my area :-/ she is apparently certified and had amazing reviews online, which is why I signed up in the first place.

If I do end up going back, Sadie will NOT be participating in the play time, regardless of what anyone says. She can watch safely from my arms on the other side of the fence.

Thanks for the kind words and advice. I definitely need them tonight! This is my first dog that is completely my own so I just want to make sure I take the best care of her that I possibly can. And I want to make up for her rough start to life. Thanks again everyone.

I'm so happy I joined this forum :-)

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Name: Kaitlin
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There was a chocolate lab puppy, a German Shepard puppy and some stupid mean spotted puppy (not Dalmatian though) that were trampling her. They were all 30+ pounds at least. I felt uncomfortable from the second they started playing but I figured that the trainer knew what she was doing.

The actual training part went well though. Sadie caught on to a few things once we got home (too distracted during class wondering where the big mean dogs were)

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Your photo of Sadie ripped my heart out I would have been crying *in* class! I want to scoop her up and hug her

Grace didn't get to do puppy class. But Gus did. He was the smallest in the class. The trainer there did the same thing. But since I knew Gus was going to be my SD, I watched the other puppies first before putting him down. The trainer glared at me and kept saying, "They are puppies, they will work it out". The other puppies were so rough! So I didn't put him down. I didn't want that experience.

Later in his next class the trainer had him do an exercise (she took him to "show the class") and the other dog she was using was reactive! He almost bit Gus. I left immediately and asked for my money back. It took me weeks to get Gus over that.

Don't feel bad about crying. And I agree 200% with the others - RUN from that trainer. Run very very far! If she can't properly supervise safe socialization between puppies on the first class - what is she going to do later on when people have issues they want addressed with those puppies?

Someone here suggested to me back when Grace was going to go to puppy class... to look at my local ASPCA for classes. I was really impressed. I was ready to sign her up for the next round.

I had also found another local group that does agility but they have great puppy classes. I also found a center that has weekly puppy "play dates" where they do just safe play time and separate the puppies by size AND temperament.

Before you decide on a class for her - make sure to ask the trainer how they do socialization in the class, AND how they handle size differences within class. When you decide on one - let the new trainer know about her scary first experience to puppy class. Maybe the trainer has her own well trained dogs (as they should!) and Sadie could go in for a positive "introduction" to the class space while meeting the safe well socialized dogs.

Hugs for your baby ..... Hugs for you. Get her back around her safe big friend for some healing play time....

Grace (Dec. 4, 2011) & Gus (Dec.15, 2009)

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If I remember correctly, in our puppy class, all of the dogs were either on leash or in owners' arms - no one was allowed off leash to play. The pups were allowed to greet each other and sniff each other but it was very carefully controlled.
Sweetness and Tessa
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