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Name: Marj
Dog's Name: Bailey and Lady at the Bridge
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: North Carolina
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Always defer to your host or hostess about animals. If they tell you Lola is welcome in their home then the other guests need to accept it. Do make sure Lola isn't a pest, though. Even dog lovers don't want a dog begging at the table, trying to steal appetizers, etc. Try to be respectful to those who may not appreciate having a dog in the house.

It is going to be very challenging with Bailey this year. My family loves dogs and Bailey does not beg at the table, but he is over-the-top social. He will even follow his "friends" to the bathroom so they can't get out of his sight. He does very well with clicker training and being polite outside, but in his own house it's a free for all if people give him attention. You can't say a kind word to him or he will jump in your lap and kiss you. I'll be busy cooking so it will be hard to keep on top of him.
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Name: Brenda
Dog's Name: Jodi
Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: NL, Canada
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you're post had me gatherings!!! love those special moments. I'm trying to remember that it's just one day(Christmas) ...i'll get thru it! All of my brothers and sisters have cats, and one has a dog. My brother only has a cat because his daughter wants it, he would never say he likes it. There's the ones (family members) that are just indifferent to Jodi, turn up their noses, think they are dirty and one or 2 that love Jodi. Most don't want to pick him up so that's fine with me. I think my parents think that pets are dirty but they do like them and miss them when they aren't there. hey yeah, in my house we rub the food all over the pets too.LOL
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LJSquishy's Avatar
Name: Lisa
Dog's Name: London (12/20/07) & Preston (03/25/09)
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Washington
Posts: 5,880

Well, my parents like dogs but my mom is very allergic to all animals (including Maltese) so I try and keep the dogs away from her somewhat when they come to visit or I go visit them. My mom really loves London and will give her snuggles even though her chest tightens up from it (she gets allergy shots & also has asthma). I make sure to give them baths before my parents visit to help limit the number of allergens.

My in-laws like dogs just fine but they own cats (had 3 but one just passed away). I don't like bringing the dogs over to their house because I have to watch them so closely to make sure they don't eat the cat food or accidentally swallow a cat toy (like those tiny little foil ball things). We will be bringing the dogs over to their house on Thursday because I am doing all of the cooking for Thanksgiving over at their place and we don't leave the dogs home alone for more than 4hrs at a time.

I try not to dote about my dogs to people because while I love dogs, I HAAAAAAAATE cats and I don't want to hear anyone talk about their cats so I keep quiet about my dogs. LOL I actually do find cats to be very gross, mostly because of the whole litter box thing (and tracking it throughout the house), the fact that they can jump on kitchen counters, and most people don't bathe their cats monthly. I just don't like them (I also happen to be allergic to them). So, I guess I can understand where some of your family is coming from. I wouldn't want anyone to bring their cat (or dog for that matter) over to my house. Hehehe.

We have declined invitations to functions at times because we didn't want to bring the dogs with us nor could we leave them in their crates for that long. We've just accepted it as part of being responsible pet owners.
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Name: Bridget
Dog's Name: Lady Bella (and Katie & Lucky at The Bridge)
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: Virginia
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I'm allergic to dogs and cats (yep even Bella). So in a way, I get it. We basically don't visit anyone where we can't take Bella, unless it's a short few hour thing where she can just stay at home on her own. We are a package deal .

"A weed is just a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered."
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Name: Tracey
Dog's Name: Ben and Krisi
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: Florida
Posts: 4,141

I always ask my hostess if Ben can come but to be honest, if he's not welcome my DH and I usually just don't go. All of my family are dog friendly and they usually include Ben when they invite us to an event. This year, we are having a very scaled back Thanksgiving. Just my sister and her three dogs...I love it.
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Leila'sMommy's Avatar
Name: Pam
Dog's Name: Leila
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: West Columbia, SC
Posts: 2,932

Luckily, my family loves dogs.

We are going camping for Thanksgiving this year for a few days. Some good friends from another state are going too. My kids will be coming out there (about 45 mins away) for Thanksgiving Day. Our friends will also be bringing their dogs (dachshund puppies - almost a year old) and will be meeting Leila for the first time. So, we shouldn't have any problems with anyone not loving dogs for Thanksgiving.

Christmas will probably be at my house this year with my side of the family. I'm not sure what we're doing for DH's side yet. Everyone lives nearby that we will get together with for Christmas and it will only be a few hours. So, if it's not at my house, then we probably won't take Leila. Not that she wouldn't be welcomed, but because it would just be much easier for everyone, including her since she's still a puppy, to just let her be relaxed at home instead of the craziness that usually goes on with mealtime, gifts, etc.

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Name: Barb
Dog's Name: Spookie
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: west central Fl
Posts: 1,546

Love me, love my dogs. We are a packaged deal. They will be staying home Thurs, too many people at DDs with door open, etc. we will only stay a few hours. Have a SIL that doesn't like dogs, I don't much like her either.
Barb, Spookie, & KrisKringle

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Name: Susan
Dog's Name: Tyler
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: NYC
Posts: 23,042

Gee, Diana, the only one who doesn't like dogs in our family is my son. As most of you know, his fear of them came from when he was a toddler and a Great Dane on our floor would tear down the hall and knock us over repeated. But really, since I've gotten Tyler he's come around and I'll see him playing with him. He still calls him "The Usurper" out of jealousy. Otherwise, our family is good about it and I always ask friends and family first if it's okay for Tyler to come. Most welcome him with open arms and I find him in their laps. If they say no I do leave him at home...he's used to 8-10 hours home alone when I'm away at work instead of working at home. If I'm gone longer than that I have my neighbors check on him.

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Name: Jojo
Dog's Name: Daisy & Cupcake
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Location: Texas
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Originally Posted by michellerobison View Post
My dad hates my dogs (too girly for him),he only liked our german shepherd but she passed away.He only liked her since he had one as a kid. One time he kicked at my fluffs and that was the last time he came over,I put them in the other room,he still complained...after I told him to leave. It's my house...
I figure,I want to spend the holidays with whom I wish and my dogs are better company than my I pick my fluffs or people who like fluffs and kitties...
OMG! I can't believe he kicked at them
Believe me, if I could skip the visiting the in-laws, I would! It's not that I don't like them (although I really struggle to even look at my BIL due to some issues in the past that I can't get into right now, but hubby cant stand being around him either because of it, as well as some other issues) but I hate going to their house. They keep it cold, & no one really visits with each other, they watch football all day & it's reallllllly boooring! (said in my best whiny voice)

Originally Posted by spookiesmom View Post
Love me, love my dogs. We are a packaged deal. They will be staying home Thurs, too many people at DDs with door open, etc. we will only stay a few hours. Have a SIL that doesn't like dogs, I don't much like her either.
We'll be gone for probably about 8 hours. I wish I could whittle it down to 6.
I KNOW there is no way in heck my in-laws would be open to us bringing our crew. They barely can handle my dogs in MY own home (thus, the reason we rarely have them over, but I must admit, the past 2 times they've actually petted my dogs & my FIL even had Daisy on his lap!)

It annoys me that I'm giving up quality time that I could spend with my dogs to go over there! But gotta do the family obligation, & deal with the inevitible arguing that will take place between my MIL & FIL (she gets all over his butt for ridiculous stuff that is so petty, I can't even believe she devotes energy to it) & then all the awkwardness between hubby & his brother...and the worst part ~ football I HATE FOOTBALL!! I've never liked football, but I didn't hate it until the past few years due to my husband's obsession with it. He's always been obsessed with it, but I guess after so many years, I finally got sick of it. I'm always so sad when football season starts & so glad when it ends!

Sorry to digress...
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Name: Celeta
Dog's Name: Steve (a rescue)
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Location: Allen, TX
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I'm glad I just have one fluff, I think it is easier to have them tag along. I am here in Atlanta at my sister-in-law's house as we speak, and Steve has made himself right at home!

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Celeta & Steve

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