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Name: Cory
Dog's Name: Bibu and Kissy
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I think a Town and Country cut is one of the most beautiful on our fluffs. How long will it take her to grow her coat again? Does it grow fast? I would cut her down to a T&C if it grows fast, if not maybe a little longer and teach the sitter how to brush her...if Secret is good at being brushed. You will have almost 5 months to let it grow again.
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Name: Tori
Dog's Name: Grace -maltipoo, Gus - poodle mix
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I'd do a clip on her too.... I just cut Gus and Grace short... I know the next 3 weeks are going to be crazy and I won't have energy to groom them properly. So I just clipped them to make it easier.

Secret will probably be more comfortable with a clip. If she mats in the full coat it may be uncomfortable until you get back.

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Name: Marisa
Dog's Name: Obi (Bellarata's You Better Believe It) & Owen (Aria Maltese)
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Lynn, I know the last thing you need on your trip is to worry about Secret's hair! I don't want you (or anyone) and any fluff-baby to go through the agonizing grooming sessions that Obi and I went through after my trip. If you are not 100% confident that Secret will get groomed well, then I think it's best to give her a cute cut BEFORE you go. At least that way, although it is shorter, it will make Secret, your sitter, and you happy when you get back

I had cut Obi much shorter before I left, but it still wasn't enough-- I should have put him in a Town and Country BEFOREHAND. (at least he wouldn't have choppy areas that way). The main issue with Obi was that he was PLAYING like 24/7 with my MIL's dog and she didn't know how to groom out the hair once it had small tangles.

I think you should take LOTS of PICS right now with Secret's hair longer and then also with her cut :-)

It's amazing how much skill it does take to groom a malt! You are going to have a fabulous trip and we don't want you to stress about her hair :-)
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Name: Lynn
Dog's Name: Lacie,Secret(Ch Angels Top Secret of Khanthav) & Breeze(Ch Angels Heavenly Breeze of Linmont),
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Thanks for all the advice. I actually think that Secret looks much cuter in a T&C cut than in long hair, but, since I've been growing her for about 7-8 months, I feel bad that I'm not going to keep her in coat. In coat she looks like a big puffball with a small head, imho, because she has a lot of hair.

As far as the legs on the T&C, they might be somewhat matted, but not too bad. Secret doesn't play and doesn't roll around and get messy, so she'll be OK. She has GREAT hair.

But even with her long coat, I have to keep her face short because of her tongue sticking out on the side, so I'm going to do a T&C on her over the weekend and I know she'll look much cuter (cute rather than beautiful).

And no -- none of mine have EVER been to a groomer except Lacie that had to go 1 time when I was dealing with the cancer treatments. She was freaked out and looked pitiful and I swore I'd never take any of them to a groomer again (unless it's a friend that has long coated show dogs).

This kind of cinched Lacie's trip to Nationals instead of Secret. I know that Lacie will be JUMPING FOR JOY!!!!!

And no -- I won't send her to ANY of you because I doubt that I would get her back. LOL
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Name: Lyndsy
Dog's Name: Albert
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Lynn I'd keep all three of your girls they are just beautiful xx
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Name: Carole
Dog's Name: Giovanni & Manny-Guiseppe
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What if you leave it in a long puppy cut? I just trimmed Giovanni's coat into a super long PC and I've noticed it's a lot easier it keep combed with those nasty scraggly ends gone! Also, you could put some dilute Kinky Kurly ina spray bottle for your neighbor to use when brushing, along with some thorough brushing instructions with the promise of a very nice gift if she is matt free when you return!
Carole, Giovanni & Manny

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Name: Tracey
Dog's Name: Ben and Krisi
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I'm thinking cut as well. I know if I miss just one day, Ben is a mess so I can't imagine going twelve days.
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Name: Lisa
Dog's Name: London (12/20/07) & Preston (03/25/09)
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I guess I'll be in the minority and say to leave her coat long. Have Secret's babysitter (heehee) come over before you leave so you can show her a basic outline of how you groom her. Will she do a perfect job? Probably not. But she should be able to keep her free of matting for 12 days if she is willing to do a daily brushing & have Secret not wear clothing. 12 days of an imperfect brushing technique (such as flicking the wrists) isn't going to ruin her coat so much that you can't get her back into nice shape before Nationals.

Worst case scenario: You come home after the trip and have to cut her down. No harm done! Surely your neighbor wouldn't let her get totally matted to the skin while you're away.
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I've left Soda in coat kenneled. What I did was bathe and iron before I left, and wrap the coat. I had them take the wraps out after a couple days and brush, bathe every 4-5 days. Wasn't ideal but he turned out fine. I brought his brush and showed them how to brush.
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Name: sandi
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I think you should do what ever is best for Secret---hang Nationals. I agree w/you that she is so small that the hair can be overwhelming to the face. I have thought so many times of having Lisi cut down more, esp. in the face, but DH loves the piggies so have kept it in a longer puppy cut. Next spring I may opt to go shorter. I honestly think it is like w/humans---some just look better w/shorter hair.
My groomer took some of Kitzi's coat off so, as she said "he won't look like an umbrella." He has lots of hair and I had tried to grow it out more, but w/all the surgery I have almost given up that thought. His coat has also suffered from the anesthesia. So lots of things to consider.
Whatever you do Lynn, I know Secret will still be a little star!
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