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Maltese Guru
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Name: Aastha
Dog's Name: Gustave & Mieka
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 4,064
Default What's your fluff's routine?

Curious how your fluffs spend the day. It would be great if you could list their age too. Here is Gustave's, he is 6.5 mo old -

7am: Wake up and go potty
7-7.30: Hang out in pen and then some cuddle time in mommy's bed
7.30: Breakfast
7.30 - 8.30: Grooming. This includes face washing, teeth brushing, hair brushing, combing, detangling etc.
8.30 - 9: Whining and sulking because mommy is getting ready to go to work
9-12: Nap time
12-1: Walk, lunch and play time with daddy
1-4: Nap time
4-6: Hanging out, entertaining himself
6: Mommy comes back! Cuddle time with mommy
6-7: Varies. Playtime, practicing being tethered as mommy cooks, bully stick chewing etc.
7-8: Training time with dinner
8-10: Going crazy! This is like his last energy spurt of the day and he gives it all he has.
10: Potty time
10.30: Go to bed.

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Name: Grace
Dog's Name: Daisy
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Ireland
Posts: 555

Hehe love it here is Daisy's routine

8.30:wakes up. Watches and follows mummy while she gets my breakfast and her own!! Piddle and poop. Once I do this I can go wake up granny and grandad and help them get ready for work by pulling on their trouser legs and granny's tights. I also sneak into mine and mummies room and try and get pair of mummy's socks.

9am mummy brushes me washes my face (yuck hate this) cleans my ears ( hate this more) I get a dressed and get a bow now I'm pretty

9.30 grandad comes in from his office outside and he takes me to say hi to his colleagues. Really it's so I can give out orders and tell them all that they should be doing!!! Grandad lifts me up on the table and he gives me paper ( mum gets mad at this. one time I even got a pencil and helped grandad with his work but I had more fun chewing it up)

10: mum does training with me i get frustrated because I just want all the treats she makes me sit and wait then clicks her little clicky thing and gives me a treat!!

10.30 I run to the door to great the postman and bring the letters to mum ( well some of them get chewed. Mum goes for shower and I hang out in my own special room while there I chew on my bed and the ornament things that stick to the fridge. Mum puts them up too high for me but sometimes they slip down!!

11: mum and I play well I try to bite her clothes and tug her tights this is more fun. I also like sneaking into the bathroom to pull on the toilet roll

12.30 mum starts lunch for granny and grandad and walk around the floor with my noise stuck to the ground trying to find anything that falls on the ground. Mum also puts the clothes on the thingy to dry them I pull them down and hide under table so mum can't reach me

1 its lunch time granny and grandad come in for lunch I try jumping on grandads knee but he is too high. Instead I chew his shoe laces!!

2: I go back to the office to make sure all is in order

3: now after all that ordering I'm tired and mum and I have snuggle time on th couch. I sleep and mum says she doesn't but I know she does

5: granny is home but I still sleep. I'm very tired I wake up to say hi then sleep

6: grandad home I'm full of beans again we all have dinner and then mum and I do training I play and run around the place

8.30 I have what mum calls my Crazy time I run like mad around the place

9: I'm happy to just follow people around

10.30/10.45: I get sleepy and mum and I snuggle on couch. Then at 11 we go to bed I sleep on pillow beside mums pillow but I rather sleep on hers she doesn't need that much room.

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Name: Lyndsy
Dog's Name: Albert
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Scotland Ayr
Posts: 726

Hi I'm Albert and I'm a stinky butt but my mummy loves me ...

5.00am ... I wake up with mums alarm blaring I jump on her head and lick and state at her till she opens her eyes ...
5.30am ... We finally get up an I goo pee pee an poop ..
5.35 am ... Mummy gives me all these tablets in bits of cheese I like !!
5.50am... Mummy runs out of the door she's late for work and I mooch about at the door
6/9.00am .. I sleep right by the front door and wait for mummy I don't move .
9.00am... Mummy comes in feeds me , plays with me and tickles my fat belly ..
10.00am/13.00pm ... I sniff about , listen to the radio , chew my bones wait for mummy
13.00pm ... I jump around and pee on mums feet as she comes in yay feed time !!
13.30/14.00 ... Mummy feeds me I play ball chase and fetch. ..
14.00/16,00 ... Mummy snuggles on sofa an watches Xmas movies with me , I chew my snowman toy and relax ..
16.00/17.00 ... I get my other horrible pills and dinner !! Chicken and rice ..
18.00/19.30 ... Chill out time , scratch , sniff Ma mums feet and clothes from her work , cuddles , play wae Ma toys ..
20.00/21.00.. Have a mad hour running about causing havoc chewing my toys , toilet roll , and anything else I can get hold of ,.
21.00/22.00 ... Settle on the bed with mum , winding her up trying to jump her shoulder , arm / leg ... Then stare at her till she falls asleep xx
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Name: Aastha
Dog's Name: Gustave & Mieka
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 4,064

Albert, I don't know how your mommy does it on that amount of sleep. We need a lot more than that.

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Name: Tori
Dog's Name: Grace -maltipoo, Gus - poodle mix
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: USA
Posts: 4,174

Hmm.... We have no routine LOL

But being on bed rest does that ..... If I get them fed 3 meals and meds twice a day then it's a good one

You all are so busy! LOL

Grace (Dec. 4, 2011) & Gus (Dec.15, 2009)

my lyme journey blog: faith, water, & yoga

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Name: Grace
Dog's Name: Daisy
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Ireland
Posts: 555

Lol tori I fully agree sometimes our routine doesn't go to plan depending on how I feel that day!!! Sometimes the no plan days are the best
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Furbabies mom's Avatar
Name: Deborah
Dog's Name: Laurel (maltese), Dewey, Violet and Hardy and Dewey
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: Central Ohio
Posts: 15,839

4:20 alarm wakes us up and mom carries us down stairs. By twos(Dewey and Laurel, then gets Violet and Hardy)
We all use the pee pads and then sleep in our beds while mom wakes up with her coffee.
5:00 mom goes back upstairs to get ready and she puts Dewey in the pen
Right after breakfast, we all get combed, faces washed, teeth brushed, and too knots put in.
6:30 we get to bark!! The babies start coming!!!
Mom is busy with the babies, but she checks on us , throughout the morning.
11:00 we get a snack usually vegetables

We sleep a lot , but not so much since Dewey's here, he wants to play a lot!!

At 5:00 to 5:30 we get to bark again, the babies are leaving!!!
Dinner at 6:00, run out side and play, if it's nice!!
Mom makes dinner, Dad comes home(lots of barking, jumping, squeaking toys(we love to see Dad)
The rest of the evening is spent running playing with mom and each other!!
At 9:30, we're tired and all try to sit on mom's lap!
10:00 potty and bedtime!
Deborah and my Fluffs, Laurel, Violet , Hardy and Dewey!

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Name: Barb
Dog's Name: Spookie
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: west central Fl
Posts: 1,546

Daddy wakes up at 0 dark hundred and and let's us out to potty. Then we go to bed with mom till about 6ish. Kris or I will stick our noses in her ear. It usually works.

Then we eat. Yum! By then mom has had coffee, but she has to keep it away from Kris. He'd drink it. Silly boy! Then we go on yard patrol, no squirrels or cats allowed.

Sometimes we get the zoomies, other times we just steal each others toys or sleep.

In the late afternoon if mommie feels ok she takes us to the dog park. We like that a lot. Kris runs like the crazy boy he is. Mommie holds me and I watch like the princess I am.

Then din din, more toy stealing, and sometimes daddy takes us for a walk. Then cookies and bed.

It's a rough life, but we have it mastered.
Barb, Spookie, & KrisKringle

Think before you pink
Do you know how the money is spent?
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Maltese Guru
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Name: Grace
Dog's Name: Daisy
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Ireland
Posts: 555

Hehe love it barb. Love this thread thanks for starting it eiksaa
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