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Name: Audrey DeLay
Dog's Name: Jasmine (Female)
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Granite City, IL (30 min. away from St. Louis, MO)
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Jasmine really doesn't have that problem; however, sometimes I do see a little spot on piece that I just have to remove. I have to tell you this funny story about Jasmine. This summer I was watering my garden and Jasmine was inside, because she hates the water hose. Well to my surprise my mother came outside and Jasmine went out with her. Jasmine started doing her # 2 business when I came around to the patio and Jasmine saw that I had the hose in my hand and she stopped pooping and went to hide by my mom. Well the poop was then stuck to her tail and we actually had to get the hose and wash her off. Jasmine was so traumatized with the hose and her poop that she slept the rest of the day. Of course that was after the bath we had to give her, because that poop did not want to come off!!!!

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Name: Abby Harvey
Dog's Name: Daisy Grace, Zoey and Laci Jo
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Kingsport TN
Posts: 790
Default Just Wait!!

Originally Posted by DeniseA. View Post
Ahhh...haven't encountered this particular issue yet...first time fluff mom...the joys of motherhood!
It's always when you are running out the door that one of the angels needs a butt bath! Take sweetie to the bathroom, hold her little hiney over the sink and use the sink sprayer to wash off the "stuff" and then use one of your good washcloths--you are in a hurry and you can't find hers--scrub scrub and rinse off. Take the good towel-again, hers is nowhere to be found-- and dry off the little wet hiney. She's not in a real good mood because of the indigination of the whole thing but you finally get a puppy kiss. You have to leave because you are late and you leave her with a wet hineyand not a very happy little girl and the rest of you day kind of goes like the last 10 minutes you just spent washing a little butt. Ahh the wonderful joys of motherhood---I wouldn't have it any other way!!! LOVE MY FLUFF'S ---dirty hineys and all!!
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Name: Linda
Dog's Name: Bonnie Marie, my angel and Bellarata's Bounces with Wolves, Bounce - St. Patrick's Baby!
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: New York, NY
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Bounce had one ride up her tail tonight...I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Wondered how on earth it got there and tried not to laugh at her. Shouldn't even be telling you, poor little thing. Found out that the best way to get those little hangers-onners off is with a flea comb and very gingerly pull the hair away from the poo. You all probably know this by now.

Bounce, you're the joy and sparkle in my life (with the heart shaped tongue).
Bonnie, you're my sweet girl who will never be forgotten or replaced.
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Name: Beatriz
Dog's Name: The Maltese Gang - Dominic, Benjamin, Elena & Penelope.
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: San Francisco Bay Area. CA
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Dominic looks for me after doing his business and walk to the potty spot and look again at me like saying "okay you can clean it now". It can be at 6:30 am, if I don't go he keeps coming back and paws me. I found a easy way to clean those little somethings they can get stuck behind - a little bit of baby powder and it comes out without pulling the hair or making it wet. Hope that helps!

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Tasha&Sophie's Avatar
Name: Tasha
Dog's Name: Sophie
Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Los Angeles
Posts: 4

The first morning that I was rinsing Sophie's butt off in the sink while rushing to get out the door for work was the day it dawned that I was really a fluffy mommy. It grossed me out but I love her so much I get over it as soon as I look into those big eyes.

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Name: Lyndsy
Dog's Name: Albert
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Scotland Ayr
Posts: 726

He he you in in the club here too Albert often runs around , try's rubbing his butt on the floor too grrrr ... Or rubbing him self up the Walls as he goes as if that's gonna help the jingle berries !! He he xx
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Furbabies mom's Avatar
Name: Deborah
Dog's Name: Laurel (maltese), Dewey, Violet and Hardy and Dewey
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: Central Ohio
Posts: 15,839

Everyone but Dewey seems embarrassed and a little frightened wihen the poo won't come off and they'll just STOP to let me clean them. Dewey just goes on about his business, poo swinging on the long butt hair, like he doesn't even notice that it's there!!! I actually have to chase or trick him him to stop so that I can clean him!!!
Deborah and my Fluffs, Laurel, Violet , Hardy and Dewey!

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Name: Bobbi
Dog's Name: Sawyer, Sebastian & Skye
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Orlando, FL
Posts: 120

When my sister's 12-year-old Malt makes a poo, he always back up to his mommy or daddy, looks over his shoulder at them & waits patiently for one of them to clean his butt. He does this with EVERY poo, not just the ones that "hang around".


We can sometimes resist temptation...but never mischief.

Sawyer & Sebastian at the Koi pond April 2012 (...after Sebastian got a LITTLE too close to the fish...)
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Name: Laura
Dog's Name: Sammy
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Scotland
Posts: 801

I'm always having to clean Sammy's butt, he stays at peace until I'm done but he won't let his daddy do it

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Name: Maggie
Dog's Name: Sweetness and Tessa
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Chicago - Western Suburbs
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Funny thing is that happens to Sweetness a lot but not usually Tessa - except for this morning! She just stays hunched "in position" with this horrible look on her face that says "Help me Mama!" and won't move until I detach it!
Sweetness and Tessa
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