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Name: Barbie
Dog's Name: Zoe (Kyra my Angel in Heaven)
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That is just because she is a puppy. She will definately grow out of that as my Zoe did that also and I have felt that same way you are. Don't worry and just keep loving her. She is yours and will love you always more than anyone for being her Mommy.
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She loves you, I know that she does. Maybe she just has an odd way of showing it. DO you have other pets? This sounds silly but we have a cat that does the same thing. He wants nothing to do with us. But we have to take him camping when we go since he gets shots daily and in the camper he is so lovey all the time. Complete change when he is all by himself.
The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.
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Name: Sylvia
Dog's Name: MiMi, Ray, Hope & Fifi in Heaven
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MiMi is like that too. She never jumps on my lap (although she will sit next to me) but she sits on DH's lap any chance she gets. When we have company she wants to be on someone's lap...not mine...the whole time. When we go out she acts like everyone she meets is her best friend. I think she would go home with anybody who would take her. But, here is a clue: one time we had weekend guests and MiMi spent the whole time sitting on Susan's lap. She did not have any interest in me at all. The second night some other people came over and MiMi immediately charmed the "new" lady. She paid no attention to Susan. Susan was kind of hurt, like me, she had become old hat.
Sometimes, I feel kind of sad, but I know this isn't about is about entertainment.
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Name: Tori
Dog's Name: Grace -maltipoo, Gus - poodle mix
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She's 14 weeks.... Like the others said...don't worry.

We all go through the "they don't love me" fears ... especially with puppies.

But she will become much more of a lap dog when she is older.

Grace was SO aloof for a long while LOL Hated being picked up, hated being cuddled, hated sitting anywhere near us... just wanted to explore and find her own place to sleep LOL

But around 6 months she became this massive cuddle bug.

In fact, a few weeks after that started I posted about how I just wanted a moment without her touching me! LOL

So the cuddle time will come

Grace (Dec. 4, 2011) & Gus (Dec.15, 2009)

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Please don't feel so bad...our Chrissy who is five years old is most certainly not a "cuddler" and I can relate to how you feel. Our Angel (we lost her 5 years ago in December) was a real Cuddlebug and would sit on anyone's lap for as long as possible. Our Yorkie, is a Cuddler and is going on 14 in July. Chrissy is always in the same room as I am and never leaves my side, but is just more independent as that is how her personality reflects in her nature. And from reading some of the other posts, there are others whose little Malts are also more independent.
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Maltese Guru

michellerobison's Avatar
Name: Michelle Robison
Dog's Name: Amber,Emily,Lil Bit,Sasha,Harrycat-Amy,Buffy,Buster,Duchess,Einie,Grechen,Max,Rosie,Rylee in heaven
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Mine we like that too when they were young, now they're velcro sticking to me.

Mommy my bows are too tight...
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wkomorow's Avatar
Name: Walter
Dog's Name: Lucky
Join Date: Aug 2011
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I have no doubt your little one loves you. Dogs like humans go through phases and moods. One of the things that can can add to bonding is possitive training every day with yummy treats. Not only will it help you in an emergency, but you two will bond much greater - just sit, say, up, lift training is great. Another thing is to find an activity that your little one likes and do it while you are sitting with her on your lap - chewing on a treat, playing with a toy. Lucky likes his ears and chest, but only his ears and chest brushed while sitting with me. So while watching TV, we get a little grooming in. Also realize that the opposite situation can be difficult. Lucky is on my lap, sprawed out on my legs and is sound asleep, and I have work to do, but I feel guilty about waking him and doing my work. Also you can feed her treats on your lap.

It will take time, but most small dogs love to cuddle. Be patient, make the most of bonding opportunities, and just be gentle and soft spoken with her
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Maltese Guru

SammieMom's Avatar
Dog's Name: Sammie & Penny
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Is she the only dog in the home? She is still young, give her time to mature and she will come around is my guess. I've seen other members with this same question. So it's NOT you. She is following you and watching your every move because she LOVES you and depends on YOU to take care of her. A really good bonding practice is to take her to puppy class ALONE and do training (some tricks, there are some threads in training forum here from other members) and activities with treats in the home. Good for her and you.

My boy is much more hands on - in the lap - type of dog than my female is. She was 6 mo old when I got her, so took a bit for her to warm up to her new home. Now she will come over to me and lay beside me or on my lap no problem, but Sammie the boy would LIVE on me if he could.

Give her time, you will see.

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Dog's Name: Ivy
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Reading your description, I think it's clear your little fluff loves you very much. It's rather like people-kids: When at home, people-kids go about their business, play on their own, and do their own thing. When Grandma comes to visit they get VERY excited and are soooo happy to see her and give her lots of attention! But the truth is, it is mom who they love the most and who they look to for their security and happiness and unconditional love. I expect it is the same for your little baby.

I don't know whether I should be concerned if it's true that they change when they get older: Ivy ( 5-1/2 months) has been a velcro puppy from day one and LOVES to sleep on my lap. I can't sit down at the computer without her begging to come up and lie in my lap. I'm getting good at typing on a keyboard while reaching over a fluff. It's a bit hard on the back though.

I've been attributing her cuddliness to the fact that she is a baby and I've been wondering whether that was going end and she'd become less cuddly when she gets closer to adulthood.

I guess they are just all individuals with their own likes and preferences and we just have to love them however they are, and rest assured that they love us too whether they show it all the time or not.
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Name: Kaylla
Dog's Name: Khloee
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Location: Tucson, AZ
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OH MY GOODNESS!!! Can I just say you are all SO wonderful. I just opened the laptop and was reading all the responses everyone took their time to write, and I feel so relieved and appreciative to each one of you. Thank you all so much for all the supportive responses, and shard experiences.

Its nice to know that I am not the only one to ever experience this. I felt really crummy yesterday when I wrote this and now I'm beaming. Thank goodness for SM and all the support my friends have given me. I have hope that Khloee will grow out of this phase, and if she doesn't...well I will just have to accept that, and keep loving her more and more everyday.

My vacation ends Monday and I am absolutely not looking forward to going back to work, but she should be ok; her baby sitter will be coming to check on her every 3 hours. Maybe not being around 24/7 will make her miss me more and shower me with kisses
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