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My stomach knotted up just reading your tale. Shudders! That is soooo scary! I'm glad you had a happy ending.

To dependably "come" is the hardest thing to teach a dog. They can learn what the word means, KNOW what the word means, come when you call most of the time, but then suddenly look at you and clearly say "Nah-nah-nah-boo-boo!!" and take off running the opposite direction. Don't trust Gucci for YEARS, even if she comes well during training sessions with treats. It is our responsibility to keep our babies safe from themselves.
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Name: Barbie
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OMG....that is scary. I am sure you were scared to death. They sometimes have no fear so its really important to not let them out of your sight. So happy it was a good ending.
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Name: Deborah
Dog's Name: Laurel (maltese), Dewey, Violet and Hardy and Dewey
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Mine are never off a leash, but Laurel escaped through a hole in the fence(we've since replaced the fence) It was one of the most frightening things. A swimming pool, a Great Dane, a chow mix, and the road were the things close by that she could of gotten injured or worse! Yes, I have 10 less years to live because if it! I'm glad Gucci is safe and sound!!
Deborah and my Fluffs, Laurel, Violet , Hardy and Dewey!

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Name: Susan
Dog's Name: Tyler
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Anna - how scary. The only time I've ever let Tyler off leash has been at Tammy's because she has had fenced in yards. It's was such freedom for him but I don't have that where I live in NYC or VT so it's always on the leash. They get distracted easily.
As for training, two commands that are important are Come or Touch (where he comes to you and touches his nose to your finger for a reward) and Drop It. Those can be life savers in several situations. Tyler's comes more on the touch command. I think Tyler thought the others were Dumb and Don't Drop It but that's another story. :HistericalS miley:

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Name: Hope
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How frightening for you! I am so glad Gucci is safe! My dear friend and mentor who is the founder of ADW told me that the reason she became a dog trainer was because as a child she witnessed the family dog being hit by a truck when it escaped and would not come back when it was called. She said COME is the most important command you can teach your dog and it obviously inspired her to build a career and an amazing organization.
Hope and Bella Breeze
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Name: Shelly
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I totally understand, Rocky has an excellent recall, but if something has Tucker's attention, he doesn't hear you no matter how much of an idiot you make of yourself by yelling at him. I think keeping them leashed is best
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Name: Anna
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I know "come" is one of the tough ones to teach and since I am new to the dog thing, I really think I need to hire a trainer to help me learn the best way to train her. I have been working on "sit" and "lay" and she does well when there is a treat involved, but she has NO idea what that means without treat in hand. I don't know how much I want to use PetsMart, but the in home trainers may be too pricey for me.

Yes, I was definitely scared. I am glad I learned in a situation I got out of quickly. But I couldn't imagine if anything had happened to her.
Anna and Gucci
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Name: Aastha
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Recall is actually not very hard as long as it is not abused. This is how our trainer taught Gustave, it might be of some help.

1. Never use 'come'. Most of us don't have the discipline to reserve the word 'come' only when we really need it, so it's always better to pick a word you won't say to your dog without thinking. We use 'now'.

2. Practice at home. Have one person hold the dog as you show her you have her favorite treat (a lot of it). Walk away a few steps and say 'Now' in the most exciting tone ever. The other person should release the dog AFTER you say the word. The dog will undoubtedly run to you to get the treat. Have a 15 second lovefest where you tell her how good she is, laugh a lot, pet her (if she likes it) and give her a lot of treats. That's it. Walk away after that and let her continue whatever she was doing.

2. Increase distance, still inside the house and do the same exercise. Eventually she will understand if she runs to you when you say 'Now' she makes you REALLY happy plus she gets a lot of treats.

3. Practice in a fenced yard. Make it really fun. I start by running away from Gustave and then saying Now and he comes zooming to me.

4. Once she is consistent practice hooking the leash to her harness before you start the treats, because that is what you might have to do in a real world scenario.

That's it!! The important things to remember are NEVER let the fun stop after this. So don't call her, leash her and then leave the park. Don't call her and give her a bath. This command should always be followed by fun and treats and then she should be free to do whatever she wants.

I use treats to lure Gustave if I need him to come to me. I only practice our emergency recall when we're playing. Hopefully I'll never need to actually use it.

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