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Name: Lynn
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Default HELP - Beyond Upset

I'm sitting at my desk with tears running down my cheeks.

Oliver and I just returned from his appoinment with the Dermatology Clinic Specialists. They know Oliver very well and have been seeing him for 7-8 years.

The real story is that Oliver was owned by an elderly lady that had dimentia and had 2 Guardians/Caregivers. Oliver was the owner's lapdog and well cared for. It is the owner that passed in December and the Caregivers that took Oliver to the Santa Fe shelter.

Oliver has SEVER allergies -- both enviornmental and food related. To just keep his allergies under control it will cost approximately $125-$150 per MONTH. This is for his meds, his food, his shampoo, his spray. This does not include any Vet appointments nor his regular annual Vet care such as vaccinations, check-ups, bloodwork, dentals, etc. I'm estimating about $2500 per year -- and, he cannot get insurance due to pre-existing condition as well as age.

He is actually 10 years/3 months old.

On top of his medical costs, the routine will be too much for many owers to handle. He must be wiped down at least twice a day with baby wipes, then have his medical spray applied. He has 1 pill that he takes in the morning with food, 1 that he takes at night with food and 1 that he takes sometime during the day without food. He must have bathes at least twice per week and his ears must be flushed with medical flush twice per week.

I seriously doubt that he will be adoptable between the medical EXPENSES and the extensive CARE routine.

I don't want to keep him. He is a very sweet boy, but I truly don't want to add another fluff to my home at this time. Also, it would be almost impossible for anyone that has Oliver to travel (unless they can take him) as he could not be boarded and most pet sitters won't do this type of work for his care.

It breaks my heart that he is such a sweet, well mannered boy and that he will not be able to find a forever home.

This gets back to the BYBs that breed these little fluffs that get so many health issues that they cannot find a home. They don't know what they're doing and then things like this end up happening.

So what do I do now??????? Oliver is in his bed in my office and is just being such a sweetheart. BUT -- I don't want to keep him.

What do I do???? What do I do?????
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Default HELP - Beyond Upset

I'm so sorry. I'm new but have caught a few of your Oliver posts. It's such a sad situation for that sweet little boy. I'm weak at heart so I would end up keeping him if he behaved nicely at my house. He's old and who knows how much time the little guy has in his condition. I'm so sorry I think you need to think long and hard about it all. Is there another vet you could take him to and get a second opinion? Good luck and take it one step at a time

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Name: Nickee
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Oh My Dear, I Know Your Heart is Breaking--So Much to take on,And It Seems like there is no Way Out. Yes This Is So Hard--All I Can Do As Offer Prayers for You. With Many others praying also,The Answer might Come.
My Heart Goes out to you,and Oliver. Nickee In Pa*
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Lynn-I thought you were just his foster Mom? Are you afraid no one will adopt him now?. Give it time. I would think the rescue shelter folks should be able to assist you.Many fluffs in his situation have problems but are placed in loving homes. Many here on sm. it's all very raw just coming from the Vets.
Poor Oliver.

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Name: Tori
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I'm so sorry Lynn

I know how sad you must be... you are a good person and it's okay to not want to keep him. It's important to know your limits and yes... Oliver is a very high maintenance dog.

Have you called the shelter and talked with them? Is there a Maltese rescue near you? Maybe they could help?

I would take him if I didn't have the health issues with my two and wasn't sick myself... honestly I would. So I know there are people out there who would take him. He just needs to find them.

I will pray for Oliver....

Grace (Dec. 4, 2011) & Gus (Dec.15, 2009)

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I know it's hard but if you feel you can't keep him, you can't. You're still recovering from your own loss plus you have three other fluffs to take care of and you have to put them you're busy too.

Can AMA take him and find a foster that will take care of him? I think rescues pay for meds ,which in this case med care is substantial....That way he can be in a loving foster home, and have med care taken care of so the foster can focus on him...

Not trying to sound hard hearted,I know it would be hard but you did have three other fluffs before him and you have to think of them... and you did save him at a time he needed it.
Maybe you were supposed to be his temporary mommy..

Kinda like the breeder/owner of Bitsy and Rylee, I told her maybe we were meant to be their furever mommy and daddy, that they were temporary parents...Could be since we were the only ones who got puppies from her that kept in contact and we ended up with Bitsy and Rylee after two years of them being bounced around other relatives..

Of course I took dog with a heart murmur that needed daily meds and special diet while having another dog with CHF on daily meds and special diet, but I was younger, didn't work and had help...I couldnt' do it now, physically.

No one will think anything, we all know special needs dogs are hard and it takes someone with the time to be able to do it. Foster homes are very loving places,he will be loved like a furever dog,I'm sure..
Remember you saved him ,he was heading for a shelter and no way he was getting out...
There's always hope someone will take him,just might be permanent foster, but to him, all he knows is it will be home...

Love and hugs!

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Name: Hope
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Oh Lynn! I am so very sorry! I wish I had the answer for you. God Bless you for giving Oliver safe harbor. Surely there must be some group/rescue that can assist on the rest of his journey to his forever home. You are doing way more than most people would already. I am sending prayers your way. I can only imagine how conflicted you must feel!
Hope and Bella Breeze
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Name: Glenda
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What an incredibly sad story. I am so sorry, and I hope you're able to find Oliver a loving and caring forever home.
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Yes Lynn, I am going to suggest the AMA as well. They have an excellent track record of finding homes for hard to place dogs. I know you had a difficult experience with AMA, but I really do think you should contact Edie or Bron and see if they can assist. You have a big heart for helping this sweet little senior.
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I wish I knew words that would help you. I agree with the others though, you were there when he needed you most. Maybe now your role is to place him with the best possible rescue group. I'll say a prayer for little Oliver and you.

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