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Default New Home for Oliver????

I've been reading all your post about Oliver. Havent left a message because its a sensitive issue and my english is not good.

All I want to say to you is a little story... My baby girl got pregnant accidentally (Im talking about my fluff, dont know if you read my posts a year ago). Well, long story short: she had 4 pups: one a stillborn, 2 females and a male. The little male was adopted by my cousin. I was looking for a good home for one of the girls, wasnt going to sell the puppy: just wanted to find a perfect home for her. To my eyes none of the families willing to adopt her were good enough. When I thought about all the care she was going to need no one seem good enough (a little bit like you with Oliver). Finally I've realized that I wasnt able to let her go: what if she needed something and it wasnt provided to her??

I really didnt wanted to keep both girls. I had the mom and the dad, and four fluffs seemed too much for me to handle. The pup that I was going to give for adoption was Brisa (not for my choice, I just wanted to keep one pup for the mom, for me it was a little cruel to take away all her kids, and her "favourite" was Khadi, so Brisa was the chosen one for adoption). Thank God and all the angels in heaven I kept that baby girl!! Brisa has a liver disease plus problems with her knees. Her vet bills are huuge. She needs special care and visits to the vet every other week... What am I trying to say to you with all this? Well, sometimes things works out in a certain way for a reason, you may not know it yet, but Im sure soon enough you'll know that Oliver was destined to live with you for a very good reason. And you will find too that you cant live without him <3 at least that happens to me. I adore my little Brisa, she took me to bankrupt, I have a lot of work taking care of 4 fluffs, sometimes it seems just too much, specially when Im tired after work. BUT the inconditional love they gave me worth every single sacrifice. I cant imagine my life now without all four of them, i just CANT... So I thank god every single day for not giving me the strenght to let Brisa go.

And now I have five!! Thor (the male adopted by my cousin) is at my house cause his parents are on a trip. And here they are, all five cuddled up next to me while I type this... gotta love them.

Big hugs and kisses to Oliver, and I know deep in your heart you already know he's "yours" now. You just have to let your mind to accept what your heart is telling you.

<3 <3

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Ru is my fourteen going on fifteen year old bichon. She has a skin condition that I have not been able to cure, but can manage. I should bathe her in medicated shampoo at least twice a week, but sometimes I go ten days. It is a horrible ordeal. She shakes, whimpers and acts as if I am trying to kill her the whole time. Now, we have had Ru since she was a tiny puppy. I guess I love her, but sometimes I just want to get out the shovel and bury her. Now, this is a horrible confession to make, but it is the truth. It is not pleasant dealing with a geriatric dog. My point is that there are people out there who just have a soft spot for seniors, and there are people like me, who have a hard time tolerating the misery of old age. I hope all will not think ill of me for having made this confession, but it is the truth.

All of this to say that you need to find a very special person who dearly loves a senior dog with issues. And there are such good people. If you place Oliver, you need to be sure that they are people who are dedicated to loving seniors with health issues.
MiMi & Sylvie
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Originally Posted by edelweiss View Post
Lynn, I am definitely not trying to put pressure on you to keep Oliver, but somewhere deep inside I have a feeling that "fate" has been active in bringing the two of you together at this particular time for whatever reasons. No one here will "blame" you if you decide not to keep him, and we know you want what is best. I also think you know what is best for him in terms of his care. Four dogs is a huge commitment and not many who work full-time have that sort of energy---but you seem always to be so capable of running circles around most of us!
I do know that someone is watching over little Oliver----and that makes me feel really good. I am sorry his owner felt she had to let him go, for her and for him but maybe there will be redemption in this story after all.
That's my feeling too. And it's an older dog not used to live in a family environment with children. Also, has this family ever had and cared for a dog ? They might not realize what is involved in caring for a special need dog.
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I think you need to do what is in your heart. IMO the best place for Oliver is with you.
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Originally Posted by Snowbody View Post
Sandi - as I recall reading the old owner didn't give him up; she died. Her caregivers were looking after him and gave him in. But I do think that things will happen as they should.
Sue, I thought the dad had died & then the wife gave him up to the shelter???
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Sandi -- that was what I was originally told by the shelter, but when I actually went to the Specialist where they knew him, they told me that his Mom had passed away and there wasn't a "Dad" in the picture. Apparently she was quite elderly and had caregivers. She also had dimentia. So it was actually the Mom that passed just prior to Christmas.
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Poor Oliver, I am sure he misses his first Mommy too, thank goodness he is in a home with good 2nd Mommy and other fluffs even if it's a transitional thing, it will make a huge difference in his mental state IMO.

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