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Name: *Tammy*
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Default Two Malts and a Baby

My title sounds like a movie hehe!

I thought it would be good to share my experience so far of what itís like to have two malts plus a baby. Marisa is contemplating expanding her family (skin and fur) and asked me to share and some other members suggested she ask me. So I thought I would share so that our experience could help other members down the road. Keep in mind Iím only 6 months into being a mommy so we are still adapting.

Sounds terrible but when I found out I was pregnant I cried! Hubby and I were planning for a baby but didnít think it would happen so fast! I have to admit many of those tears stemmed from my worry about how my beloved Benny and Emma would handle the new addition. It was stressful when we brought Summer home from the hospital. Benny would growl when she cried. Emma seemed withdrawn and skittish. Often I would find them alone in my room laying on my bed looking so stressed out. I remember hysterically crying (I had severe baby blues!) and feeling like I totally hurt Benny and Emma. Seeing them stressed broke my heart! Afterall, they were my only babies for 5 years prior to Summer coming along. What helped? TIME. It was just gonna take time for everyone including me to adjust to Summerís homecoming.

Little by little things got better. Benny no longer growls when Summer cries. Believe it or not he is the one who goes up her and shows curiosity. Emma kinda keeps her distance but every now and then Iíll catch Emma wanting to get closer to Summer. I let them get close to Summer on their terms. I never force it. B&E lay next to us during feedings now. On the couch itís Summer, the pups and me. If we are in the nursery then itís Summer and I in the rocker and B&E laying in their own beds in her nursery. Nighttime feedings? Emma always follows me into Summerís room in the middle of the night.

B&E are VERY attached to each other so of course they are feeling the household changes but they have adjusted well and I think a lot has to do with them having each other. They are only 6 months apart in age and we added Emma to our family when Ben was around 8 months old. So they have had years of being together. I feel this really has helped with the adjustment. They had such a bond already so they continue to depend on each other and not so much on me.

You bet itís a lot of work to have 2 malts and a baby! But Iíve made a lot of changes to help make things easier with the 3 of them. Gone are the days where they looked perfectly groomed everyday. They now have shorter haircuts. They donít get brushed everyday like they used to and Emmaís topknot is always falling out..but thatís nothing new! LOL! I used to wash them every weekend but thatís not always possible. But I make sure they at least get washed every other weekend. B&E are still B&EÖjust a bit more scruffy then they used to be. Honestly, they really donít seem bothered. I get upset seeing them disheveled but other people see them and laugh at me. They still think they look perfectly groomed LOL! We malt people have such high standards!

Other silly things Iíve learned to do is to prepare their breakfast at dinner time. I make dinner for them and at the same time fill their breakfast plates and put saran wrap on it and into the fridge for the next morning. It may seem minute but I donít have the extra 5 minutes in the morning to prepare their food. Iím a maniac in the morning getting ready, getting Summer ready for daycare while trying to get to the office by 8am. Little things like that have made my life easier.

B&E are still a part of everything! They are still my shadows. Iím still Mama Hen with my little ducklings following me around the house. Iíve incorporated B&E into everything Summer. Each have a bed in her room. When I take Summer for a walk around the block, they come. We got new Christmas stockings (Mom/Dad/Summer) well B&E got new ones too. B&E were always on our past Christmas cards. Well now it's Summer AND B&E on our holiday cards. Iím looking at artwork for Summerís room right now and Iím searching for watercolor paintings featuring maltese puppies LOL! Nuts right!? But that makes me feel good.

I have planned that when Summer is a little older and we have playdates at our home I will not want B&E out for that. In my opinion, small dogs and kids is a risky combo and throwing several kids into the mix I fear could be dangerous. So I know down the road there will be get togethers that I canít have them be a part of just for their safety and the safety of other kids.

B&E wouldnít be B&E without each other. I always say they were soulmates. They were meant to be together. With having Summer Iím thankful they have each other, but itís a lot of work on me. I imagine itíll get easier as Summer gets older, but I wouldnít change it for the world. I love our little family. We are dog lovers though. Our fluffs are our babies. So while itís a lot of work I still enjoy it b/c B&E are such a core part of my life. They arenít ďjust pets.Ē

This has just been my experience so far. I have no idea if B&E will change once Summer starts crawling and walking. But right now they are adjusting well and Iím a maniac with making sure they get plenty of Mommy time. Whenever someone comes to the house I make them fuss over the dogs FIRST! Fuss over my dogs first, then you can see Summer! I hope to think that all these little things Iíve done so far have helped B&E still feel loved as ever and has helped them adjust better.

Iím no expert. I take it day by day. I still know way more about dogs than babies LOL! But itís a journey that we are all on together. Itís a full time job and commitment to make sure Summer AND Benny & Emma are all living a happy, fulfilled life. Itís my favorite job thus far!


Ben and friends

Summer a few weeks ago on her 5th month birthday! (She will be 6 months old on 2/13) WOW!

Our first Christmas with Summer! (Still trying to get that perfect family photo!)
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Wonderful update! It reminds me so much of when my first son was born. I already had a daughter - my Pom named Tasha! She was very much a part of his life, from the moment I brought him home from the hospital.

Ben and Emma are adorable, as always, and Summer is absolutely beautiful!
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Name: Pat
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Wow - you really have developed a wonderful system for integrating Summer into the family while making B&E still feel important. B&E are so lucky to have you to care for them. Great job!
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All I can say is WOW. You are wonder woman. I love love love the second picture. Your family is beautiful.
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Name: Nickee
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I Just Loved Reading This. You Are Really Blessed My Dear-This is What Life is all about--Family* You Have Done A Great Job With All of This.
The Baby,The Fluffs You And Husband All Just Beautiful- Nickee In Pa*
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Name: Aastha
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Default Two Malts and a Baby

Thanks for posting this. You really are doing such a great job handling this.

I love those pics. I also really like your attitude about this. I think when someone wants to make it work, they do. Sure there are compromises, but doesn't mean it's impossible.

Again, all your babies are cuties.

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Name: Hope
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Tammy, what a great update. The family picture, including the fluffs, is gorgeous! Miss Summer is a beauty. You have done an amazing job at transitioning everyone to this new chapter in your lives. I especially think the idea of B & E having their own little bed's in Summer's nursery is brilliant. You are such a good ALL your babies!
Hope and Bella Breeze
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Name: Pat
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.....and don't forget the puppy year....

I'm so glad that things are working out so're doing a great job

I love Summer's 5th month picture!!!!
Pat and "The A Team"

Archie, Ava and Abbey
Life is Good!!!....and keeps gettin' better!!!

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Tammy -- love the story and the pictures. I know that your life is very busy and it was wonderful of you to take the time to write this.

I would like to "sticky" it if it's OK with everyone and I'm sure, now and in the future, we will have a lot of Malt owners that will want to have skin kids and have questions.
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I enjoyed reading that very much Tammy. You are an amazing Mother and it sounds like you've got it all worked out. Summer just keeps getting prettier and prettier!

I would hate to live in a world without dogs, glass, or wine...
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