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Name: Laurie
Dog's Name: My Triple Threat - Lily, Addie, Jackson, Luci Mae at the bridge
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I'm so sorry that she passed. But it is a relief to have closure. Fly high baby girl with our other little angels.
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Name: Glenda
Dog's Name: Madison, Axel and Paxton
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I am so sorry to learn of this sad, heartbreaking news. Peace and hugs to you and Abby's family. She was a much loved little girl.
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Name: Maggie
Dog's Name: Sweetness and Tessa
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I am so very sorry. May memories of her precious spirit comfort her family.
Sweetness and Tessa
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Name: jill
Dog's Name: P.Dink
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I thought it was going to be good news also. My heart dropped into my stomach when I read on. I am so sorry to hear this. Poor sweet little Abby. My heart goes out to her family.
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Name: Barbie
Dog's Name: Zoe (Kyra my Angel in Heaven)
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Bridget....I am horrified at this news!!!! So very sad. Hugs to you and Abbey"s family. You were so great in your efforts in trying to find her. So very sorry. : (
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Name: Michelle Robison
Dog's Name: Amber,Emily,Lil Bit,Sasha,Harrycat-Amy,Buffy,Buster,Duchess,Einie,Grechen,Max,Rosie,Rylee in heaven
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OMG I'm so sad, I can't stop crying. Poor baby died alone, lost ,confused....
At least they found her and she can rest with her family now...
I'm so sorry...

I've been sick all day food poisoning...just got online now.

Mommy my bows are too tight...
When bad grooming happens to good Malts...

Jewellery, Doggie Goodies, Handmade tiles,cool flying pictures


Vote for Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue , Chattanooga, TN

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Name: Bridget
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Thanks you all....so much. Yesterday was so incredibly painful. I cannot begin to imagine the guilt and pain the owners must be feeling. As a dear friend (and fellow rescuer recently said), Abby has brought so many together and taught us so many things. As fluff owners we MUST keep our eyes on our little ones every second they are outside. I know I am guilty of not doing this, and I suspect many of you may be as well. The reality is, these little ones are not meant to be left on their own outside - the world is simply too big for them. We as humans are responsible for the care of all creatures on earth...that means stopping and assisting every animal who appears to be without it's owner. We must change the way we think about strays - remember the saying, "Not all who wander are lost"?, well some are lost and they need us.

It is going to take a very long time for me to get this mental image of Abby out of my head. I simply cannot believe how many times we were right beside her and never found her. It is going to take a lot of time to heal from this and for the tears to stop I think. I want to believe that Abby was quickly swept down stream and passed straight to The Rainbow Bridge, but the truth is, we will never know. Did she fall into a culvert that was a bit dry and bundle up for safety? Was she confused? Was she cold or hungry? These questions we will never have answers to, and this too will take time to accept. I pray for Gods peace upon all who grieve for Abby and for the many missing and stray animals throughout the world. Hats off to the rescuers who do this every day. I don't know how you find the strength.

"A weed is just a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered."

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Name: Carole
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This is too sad! Everyone hold your babies close and say a prayer for Abby. Fly, sweet angel!
Carole, Giovanni & Manny

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Name: Terry
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Sorry...this is going to be long.....

Bridget, you are so right about people needing to do the right thing both about being extra vigilent with our pooches but also to take that extra step when seeing a pet ( dog or cat) out on it's own. These days in our area it is very rare to see a dog wandering out by itself... and even kittys ..more people are having them be indoor only Though there are a few here that do let them out which freaks me because of the nearby heavily trafficed road.

I recall several years ago my Puffy was having a 'fit' and I looked outside to see what she was all riled up about. I spotted a darling little Westie walking in our drive. It was N Y Eve about 6 PM and dark, cold and snow-covered outside. I grabbed my coat and some deli meat and went out to entice it to come to me. It took a bit and at first it started to veer away from me..headed down the drive toward the road which scared me to death as I know the little guy would never be seen with his coloring. However I sat on the ground and tossed the meat and got him to come back closer and closer to me. I talked softly to him and finally got him to within reach and picked him up and brought him into the lower level of the house. I got him a bed, food and water.. then started calling all the neighbors I knew..even the ones I knew he did not belong to. I thought with it being NY Eve he could well be a "visitor", and also so in event they were contacted by people looking they could tell them I had the dog. We were invited out to a party that night and after 2 hours of seeking his owner with no luck.. I did get ready to go out which we did and at least I knew he was safe for the night and I'd start in again in the AM to look for his owner. The next day about 9 or 10 AM my next door neighbor called me and said when he went down the hill for the paper, a lady stopped him and asked if he had seen a little dog..a Westie. He gave her my number and told her I had the dog. Apparently she had been out a good part of the night looking for him. They were new people moved in at a street over from us and few people knew them yet. They had company with kids and when kids went out to play in the snow... the dog slipped out without notice. I did tell the lady I felt badly that she had been frantic looking for him when I had him all along BUT she said " no, no, don't feel that way"... she said she was sooooo grateful that I had kept him safe! He was pretty old and arthritic and she said she didn't think he'd survive the night elements even if he avoided getting hit.

Another time thee was a lovely Airdale terrier in our yard...vey friendly. Again a 'stranger' to our immediate area. I enticed him into the basement where my salon is and tried to search for any ID. Back then I wasn't familiar with microchips. He did have a rabies tag. After neighbor calls failed I called the town hall and told them of this dog and could they search the owners by the rabies tag which they did. I thought they might not want to give me their name/address for privacy reasons so told them they could give the owners my name and number. However they did give me the info and I called but no answer. I did know a gal that lived in that development and called her to see if she knew the neighbors. She did 'vaguely' and said they both worked. She said they often left the dog out loose when they left!! but he usually stayed in the neighborhood of within a few houses. To get to me he had to have crossed that busy road I spoke of with the other dog! I had to go to a funeral so the gal said she'd care for him till owners came him.

Kittys are a bit more difficult.... they tend to run at any effort to get them. When I spot one I immediately check Craigslist and two other lost/found sites for our area. I also call the vets and let them know where I saw the kitty in event the owners called.
I believe we not only have a responsibility to our own pets.. we have a responsibility to assist in any way we can to any animal we see that could come into harms way.

I couldn't get the vision of little Abby out of my head...actually still can't. It breaks my heart .
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Name: Robin
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R.I.P. sweet Abby.

I would hate to live in a world without dogs, glass, or wine...
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