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First of all BE POSITIVE. You don't know when her time is up. She can go tomorrow but she also can still live 4 more years or even more. Enjoy her now.
I am the wrong person to ask about funerals. I think it is a waste of money and in my will I ask that as little as possible be spend on my funeral. So why would I spend more on my dog if I don't want more spend on my own funeral.
For Alex I asked for a private cremation because I wanted HIS ashes back and not mixed with other ashes. But that is as far as I would get. Why dress him in nice clothes, after all they are going to be burned and mixed with the ashes. As I said before, waist of money. If they can put me there in the oven naked, fine with me. But don't waist my good clothes. But that's me. If it will make YOU feel better and you can afford it, do whatever makes YOU feel better. Babinka will not love you less whatever you do.
It will be 2 years on April 18th that Alex is gone. I still have not disposed of his ashes. They are in a special place with his picture and his paw print. I wish I would have kept a string of his hairs too. I made a picture album of him and a DVD with all the pictures of him over the 14 years he spend with us.
We tried to prepare ourselves for his passing but no matter how much you try, when the time comes the trying is gone out the window. And there is nothing you can do to ease your pain. Only time will do it.
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Name: Nickee
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Originally Posted by Sylie View Post
We have always buried our babies in the the things they used all the time.

You want an angelic bow? I would be honored to make one especially for dear Babinka...any type, any color. And while I make it I will be thinking of her with love, and wishes that she will not use it for years to come.

PM me about what you would like.
Dear Friend I Hate that these thought are in your head-but i understand them. Please allow me to follow after Sylies Lead-And Offer Babinka The Blankie* One Made with Love To Keep her warm on her way to the BridgeFor when that day comes. i Also Hope You Will Find Peace and enjoy her all the days to come.-with a little less worrys.
PM me -Nickee*

Slyie Your So Sweet!

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Name: Barb
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Long story sort of. A busy man who has a funeral and cremation place here didn't have much time or use for any dog. A Lab mix wandered into his parking lot, soaked. He took her in, kept her. She became a comfort to those who were grieving. She also wrapped him around her paw.

So it became her time to go. He had her PTS, then held a regular funeral for her. The story was in the Tampa Bay Times, her name was Lucy, his last name is Dobies.

It might be possible other funeral directors are offering this. Wouldn't hurt to find out. If not, maybe they could give suggestions.
Barb, Spookie, & KrisKringle

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Do you know how the money is spent?
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I am so very sorry for what you may have to go through. Personally I would purchase a dress now and a special blanket so she can use it while alive. I would not buy anything knowing it was going to be in ashes. After she passes you could frame the dress and blanket. An other good idea is take all of her clothes etc. to someone that makes quilts. I have a friend who used shirts that the man wore and made a quilt out of all the shirts. It is such a comfort for the widow.
I do love the idea of making paw prints.
For now celebrate her life.
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Name: Walter
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It is so loving that you are thinking about how you will be paying tribute ti Babinka. Instead of a dress would you consider taking a collage of your favorite pictures of Babinka and printing it to iron on paper and then iron it onto a tee-shirt for her to wear. Take the same collage blow it up and put in on a blanket that you keep. That way you will always have a remembrance of her.

When Buster passed away 3 years ago, I could not even say his name without losing my composure. After a while, I could look at pictures of him and smile.
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Name: Sherry
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Honestly, I have dealt with alot of death in the last 10 years. Sitting around and thinking of the end is not the best thing you can do for Babinka. Take her to the park, teach her how to dance, but don't plan her funeral. That time will come soon enough. I say this with love.
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Name: Hope
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I don't have any ideas but others have made good suggestions and loving offers. Enjoy your time with your sweet one. Praying that there are many, many, many more days of happiness with her.
Hope and Bella Breeze
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Name: Janene
Dog's Name: (Dearest Babinka 06/09/14 at the Rainbow Bridge) Peppino, Tiny Tina, Momma Nellie & Mister Sqeaky
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Thanks everyone for your ideas, outlooks and warm wishes. Everyone gave me some great information. Just to ease everyone I dont sit and keep on thinking about this, I have actually planned this going back last year when she started to have complications with her breathing! Just I want the few loose ends tied up!! I enjoy her life everyday since the first time we laid eyes on each other!!! My vet is doing everything in his power to keep her alive, but at the end he said that its Babinkas will power to fight for life is keeping her here!!! My vet said when he first met us last year that its a miracle that she is still her as medically speaking there would be no way................. thats how bad her heart is!!! and even more of a miralce is that for her first two years in her life we had no problems no meds NOTHING!!! Babinka has the will to live and I will help her............ I have no doubt in mind she will let me know!!! As I am typing this the song in the office playing is "dont you forget about me" ............................ which is her song!!!! To me planning this is like having a life insurance policy or funeral arrangements in place just in case!!! I am not the greatest on sewing!!! So I am trying to get her a new dress for a reasonable price!! I saw some really really nice ones but do not want to spend 80$$$ on it!!! alive or dead (sorry for the expression) but thats just insane on the price!!! So hopefully I will be able to find something at a reasonable price!!!! Thanks again for everything!!!!
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Janene, can you post her measurements & let us know what you are looking for exactly?? Maybe someone here can keep an eye out for something more reasonably priced.
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Name: Janene
Dog's Name: (Dearest Babinka 06/09/14 at the Rainbow Bridge) Peppino, Tiny Tina, Momma Nellie & Mister Sqeaky
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That would be great I will do so!!! First I have to learn how to measure!!! LOL! I tried to hem my pants once and ended up sewing the pant leg together!!!!
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