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Heart April & Charles {this is a long one but it was on my heart to tell you this.}

Dear April & Charles ,

I am so sorry for your loss , and glad you came back here where you are supported and loved. It is a great gift that you have given to warn others.

For quite some time now I have had a fear of that same scenario, right now we live primarily on our second floor, and we don't use our first floor very much where our doors are located too often. Baby doesn't ever use the stairs going down himself at all , he doesn't know how we never taught him, we didn't want him to know how to go down to the first floor. So thankfully we don't have the issue of open doors to worry about with him. But we will have to worry about this issue when we retire in several years to a one story house that we will need to have when we are a little older, we don't want to deal with stairs in our senior years. I dread having to deal with living on the same level as doors one day.

Just to agree with you and also testify how easily & quickly things could happen , here is an experience of a near miss that happened to me with a dog of mine many years ago. {I too have a precious lock of my first dog Kar's hair I keep it in an urn on my night stand next to my bed} she has been at the bridge for many years now. She was a medium size mixed breed dog and she had an 'near' experience similar to what happened when Teddy got out and it happened in just the blink of an eye.

I was with my family at a rest stop on the highway in my parents station wagon, I was only about 19 years old. My dog kar was leashed , her leash was in my hand & she was sitting next to me on the back seat. We had just pulled in and come to a stop. A person in the front seat unexpectedly & quickly opened the front door of that car without giving any advance notice , and right at that very moment in an instant my Kar sprung over the seat, the leash slipped though my fingers and she leaped out in a flash . She ran straight toward the busy highway. I was screaming like crazy for her to come back & she just ran & ran not listening to me...

I was beside my self with panic & terror but thankfully my Mom had the presence of mind & idea to yell over and over "Kar do you want a cookie?" and thankfully Kar came running back & then I grabbed her & snatched her up into my arms. But it could have turned out much differently. This all happened in just one quick blink of an eye! And my family are all dog people have had dogs all of their lives, always leashed etc. Everyone in the car were cautious careful dog people and excellent pet parents, so yes this sort of thing can happen to anyone so quickly just when you think things are under control. The person who opened the door was a loving, caring, careful dog person, I am a loving caring dog person. It just took a split second to open a door and it can happen to a perfect pet parent, to anybody, not just to you.

Flash forward to today, my current dog Baby, only rides in a secured, zipped , enclosed pet carrier when riding in the car {Sleepy Pod}, I put the leash on immediately when removing him from it & grip it super tight. I wouldn't do it any other way as I know first hand how quickly they can bolt. In those days I had never seen anyone use a pet carrier, but nowadays we have so much more knowledge via the internet, & purchasing options for safe pet carriers, they are a great safety precaution.

Eventually all dogs go to heaven & I hope someday to be back reunited with my Kar in heaven and I hope and pray the same for you April & Charles & your fur babies one beautiful day at heavens bridge. I'm not sure what your personal beliefs are, but coincidentally { I believe nothing is coincidental with God} I opened my email today and someone had sent me an email saying 'Dogs go to Heaven' with the following scripture. I love hearing proof of Gods love for animals in the scriptures. After all he created them! I believe it was no coincidence, and that I was meant to show you this scripture today.

Psalms 36:6
Your righteousness is like the highest mountains, your justice like the great deep. You, Lord, preserve both people and animals.

I find this scripture very comforting, and I hope you might find some comfort in it too.
Love Sandy
{P.S. others may have different beliefs, these are just my personal beliefs, hopes & faith.}
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Name: Michelle Robison
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We are all family on SM and we love and laugh together but we also grieve for the loss of our family members.
We prayed and tried to help as much as we could to bring Teddy home safe.
We're all hurting and I'm sure crying as we read and respond to messages.
We love you al.

Mommy my bows are too tight...
When bad grooming happens to good Malts...

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Name: Kim
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Your message is beautiful. I think that the support we give each other from all over the country and world is amazing. Although miles and miles apart, we band together as if we're all next door to each other. What a great source of comfort knowing that we are there for each other in good times and bad.

I'm so sorry that Teddy couldn't be saved. However and as you said, he was brought home and you have your closure. I'm so glad you can have that peace of mind. I'm thinking of you and sending hugs and love.
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Name: Carole
Dog's Name: Giovanni & Manny-Guiseppe
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Dear April,
Words cannot express my deep sorrow over the loss of your sweet Teddy. I have been locked out of SM for a while now, but read about the search on FB. I want you to know how deeply your loss has affected me too. Since I met you in HH, I have known you to be the most loving and exacting in your care for all your Maltese. This was a horrible accident that neither you or Teddy deserved, but was God's will. It is still hard for me to type these words, but my precious Manny comes to lick my tears every time I think of you and Teddy. <3 Little boys are the most lovable and I hope your happy memories with Teddy will comfort you as you work through your grief. Please know your sorrow is shared and praying you find comfort in knowing how much others are thinking about and care for you. Hugs!
Giovanni & Manny's Mom
Carole, Giovanni & Manny

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Name: Pat
Dog's Name: Maggie
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April, I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers and my heart still breaks for you. Just can't imagine how much you must be hurting. There just are no words.....
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Name: Jennifer
Dog's Name: Atticus & Grace & Chloe'
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as you know life can change in an instant.. my thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue to morn the loss of Teddy. We do understand. I am so sorry this happened.
Jennifer, Grace & Atticus
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Name: Mags
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April, we love you and I am deeply sorry you and Charles had to experience this great loss. As you have said, this could have happened to anyone of us. Hugs from all of us.
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Name: Brenda
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Thinking of you April.
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Name: Susan
Dog's Name: Tyler
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April - thank you for coming here just to let us know that you and Charles are trying to cope. We all love you and to all of us, Teddy was ours. We wouldn't have done any more or less if it was our own Maltese. Year after year, we see our SM family coming through for each other in times of sorrow and of joy. That bond is always there even if we're gone from SM and on FB. We're all linked for life.

Your donation to AMAR touched our hearts so. With the dogs who have come in lately there's barely a one who doesn't have special medical needs so your donation will make far less fortunate than our pups healthier and happier. Thank you all who donated to the search fund where that money is coming from.

I am relieved that you did find Teddy so that you weren't going on forever wondering about him. I know that brought you some comfort. I do think that Teddy's experience may end up saving another pup's life in various ways. It has made each of us double check whether our dogs are safe from running out the door it's made me as a rescuer more aware of home checks I will do for potential families it will have taught others what to do if a dog is missing.
We've had lessons like this before on SM -- years ago the pup who was in a minor accident and died because she wasn't in a safety harness or seat - after that, all of us no longer kept our dogs unrestrained in the car and have preached it ever since. And Tammy's Benny, being burned by the electric heating pad after his dental. We all check with our vets that they don't use those pads, but the circulating water ones instead.
So I hope that Teddy will have some legacy of helping another dog stay safe.
Sending prayers and please keep in touch. We're all here for you.

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Name: Paula, mommy to my Matilda and Maddie
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Continued prayers dear friend
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