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  1. Calling our Angels-Tomorrow Night!
  2. Happy Father's Day to the gentlemen here!
  3. Goosebumps listening to this amazing and upbeat video
  4. Michelle, how are you doing?
  5. Paula, thinking of Ethan. How is he doing?
  6. Our flight from Seoul to Boston (with dogs)
  7. New Jersey
  8. Kindness ...
  9. What's been going on in my world. Warning long post !!
  10. For you, Paula ...
  11. Memorial Day - remembering
  12. Suggestions for removing virus or bug from computer?
  13. Ava's day today...
  14. Happy 7th Birthday Lucky!
  15. checking in on little Ava
  16. Found a Chihuahua
  17. Anyone know...?
  18. Carol's flowers.
  19. Happy Mother's Day
  20. We lost Carol.
  21. Very sad announcement
  22. SM app and posting pictures
  23. were moving, so excited
  24. Dog Show
  25. Cancellation of puppy party
  26. Cardiology tomorrow,wish me luck
  27. Hugs are the best therapy ...
  28. Pet Peeves
  29. Ava - gofundme page
  30. Password reset question
  31. Interesting article
  32. Ava
  33. I would be going crazy
  34. Ready for Nationals!
  35. Happy Earth Day
  36. Nationals - Strollers
  37. 3 malt knocking at our door...
  38. For Addison ...
  39. May you have a Blessed Easter
  40. Happy Easter
  41. Help! 2 dog bites & one dog growl
  42. here's a few pictures of our soon to be home
  43. I just have to share with you all something exciting with us
  44. How to report Spam PMs to Admin?
  45. Guardian Gear double decker stroller
  46. Dog Carrier Blues
  47. Amazon announces Petlexia - alexa for pets
  48. Prayers Please.. for Oliver and Teddy
  49. Share a room in Asheville
  50. New Addition
  51. Home now and taking it easy
  52. Michelle in ER with heart attack
  53. results of Tammy's tests
  54. Beware of Carbon Monoxide Danger!
  55. Pig Ears Recalled Due to Salmonella
  56. Letter from my daughter Tammy
  57. Pet Relief Areas in Airports (inside)
  58. Repeating Titres
  59. Bonnie Palmer Vacation
  60. Another example of this amazing community
  61. Happy Saint Patrick's Day
  62. The Best Prescription Ever!
  63. Feel Good about shopping today smile at amazon
  64. Help! Custom dog carrier
  65. SPRING Equinox!! Monday, March 20th
  66. my dear sm family please pray for my daughter
  67. Jackpot!
  68. Bring on the blizzard! we're ready
  69. To Paula :)
  70. maybe this would be encourging to April and her hubby
  71. Your card
  72. I just wanted to share this with you
  73. Thank you SM family
  74. Addison how are you doing
  75. The animal patrol are on to us!
  76. SM community is so wonderful
  77. SM is an AMAZING community
  78. Puppy Party 2017
  79. About Jane
  80. Happy 10th Birthday to our Sweetheart Vanessa!
  81. Beautiful Rescue Story
  82. Dear Mags is losing her Dad.
  83. Jane willis
  84. Just hanging with Dad
  85. An inspiring story
  86. Update on Tyler
  87. Happy Valentine's Day!!
  88. Happy 10th Birthday to my Valentine's girl!
  89. A relatively new addition....
  90. Please Keep Tyler in Your Thoughts Today
  91. A Dog's Purpose movie
  92. Nico is here
  93. My little friend
  94. Paula asked for me to update ...
  95. Pet Doors
  96. A brilliant read. . . as the lights wink out
  97. Mumma I'm having a bad hair day could you please put your phone down and brush me alr
  98. Our son's first word wasn't "Ma ma" or "Da da", it was....
  99. Our Tanner Togs Surprise from Marti
  100. New Year Resolutions
  101. Maddie is soooo spoiled
  102. One Of My Worst Nightmares ...
  103. Prayers for Ellie
  104. From 2016 to 2017
  105. Happy New Year
  106. little Ethan needs your prayers
  107. Phew, Ray made it
  108. Thoughts on a puppy party...
  109. Memorial Video -please check
  110. That face just melts my heart
  111. Paypal adding % to charitable contributions
  112. Merry Christmas from Texas!
  113. It wouldn't be Christmas without...
  114. Merry Christmas
  115. Happy Hanukkah! Happy Chanukah!
  116. A very special place with very special friends.
  117. Beautiful 10 yer old Autistic Girl Singing Hallelujah
  118. Christmas with Pentatonix
  119. new computer and trying to get my password for SM
  120. Tomorrow Night! Calling Our Angels
  121. Last call for holiday pictures!
  122. Help my (Marco)grandson's teacher
  123. Cordless phone batteries??
  124. Holiday Video list of received
  125. Life changes and a new look
  126. I'm a dog mommy again
  127. Wishing Our SM Family A Wonderful Holiday Season...
  128. Daisy playing with our new Sheltie
  129. Ava and Asia
  130. Happy Birthday to Walter ... and, Uncle Walter!
  131. Sharing my Gotcha days for Tyler and Trissie
  132. Memorial Video revision
  133. Keep Al's cousins in prayer, house burned
  134. Making New Friends Outside of Facebook
  135. Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte
  136. Happy Birthday To Our Beautiful Edie Gobbi!!
  137. Favorite Photo Framing App?
  138. Crystal and Snowy
  139. A Maltese story
  140. Giving Tuesday ...
  141. Memorial Holiday Video
  142. Benefits from coconut
  143. In the spirit of the season
  144. Thank you
  145. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
  146. Changing Avatar, Siggy and PitaPata
  147. My hubby Lorin's sister passed away
  148. Deborah Furbabies mom just dais goodbye to Den
  149. As The Holidays Approach Us ...
  150. What an ordeal it was for me to sign in to S.M.
  151. Say hi to Maggie
  152. National Kindness Day ...
  153. What I've been up to and need prayers
  154. Remembrance Day - remembering Grandad - WW1 Veteran
  155. Thank you for your service
  156. Photoshop ,,,,, how in the world???
  157. Please Help Jenny and Coco
  158. Cute video
  159. Tyler had Xylitol Poisoning
  160. my church is in lock down
  161. So weird!
  162. Fayetteville NC?
  163. Urgent: Anyone near Fayettville NC?
  164. I've Missed You
  165. Are human viruses contagious to dogs
  166. Long time no see!!
  167. Time for a smile.
  168. it may be my turn to ask for a few prayers
  169. Weird Coincidences
  170. Prayers needed
  171. Ava..... and Asia, our new family member.
  172. Snow
  173. Taking time out for a day of happiness
  174. A little update
  175. my hubby's update
  176. grandson Ethan
  177. Busy with lots going on
  178. Lucy Lu's game day attire
  179. Halloween video extension
  180. Wonderful news from Patches and I
  181. please remember my hubby and little Ethan
  182. Interest Level for Rescue Raffle and Secret Santa
  183. Happy Canadian Thansgiving
  184. A few recent pix of Trissie and Tyler...
  185. Hi Everyone...So Sorry I've Been MIA...
  186. Thinking of Marti and anyone else in SC and NC
  187. Preparing for a Hurricane
  188. Home Chef versus Blue Apron
  189. Head wraps~is there such a thing?
  190. Pat
  191. Sold my first piece through major art gallery
  192. Halloween guessing game
  193. austria
  194. Tomorrow Night! Calling Our Angels!
  195. Paula this is for you hummingbirds
  196. Yogurt
  197. I have a new Grandson
  198. Follow up good news so far ,went out for birthday later :)
  199. Sorry haven't been on much a lot going on..prayers
  200. I wrote and posted this 2 years ago...
  201. From Last September 11th ...
  202. From Last September 11th ...
  203. Dear America
  204. Time to get ready for 2016 Halloween Video
  205. Halloween Video
  206. Does your Maltese talk?
  207. Another hilarious video of dogs not wanting a bath
  208. 14 ways you may be obsessed with you canine companion
  209. worried about my friends on the east coast
  210. Are you okay, Walter?
  211. Finally had the Party!!
  212. At a certain age ...
  213. When Life Is Stressful
  214. Important facts as you grow older ...
  215. NBC anchor's apology to the dog ...
  216. National Dog Day
  217. grandson Ethan
  218. About to give up.....And then....
  219. This Makes Me Feel So Angry ...
  220. need prayers for Tammy and Ethan
  221. Helping Helping Shelter Dogs Stay Calm By Reading To Them
  222. I'm so Blessed
  223. I'm a nurse to my oldest daughter
  224. so sorry I haven't been on SM as much as usual
  225. I'm getting excited
  226. Have A Happy Left-handers Day!
  227. The most wonderful adoption ever.
  228. Heini and Becky
  229. One of the greatest stories ever!
  230. Website.
  231. Truly unique charity/volunteer service
  232. Now no going nuts, but
  233. Rough few weeks
  234. Back again! Chosing not to vaccinate for Bordatella, Lyme or Lepto
  235. Clear the shelter event
  236. Happy National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
  237. Interesting HuffPost article about the Berkshires
  238. I could not resist.
  239. Our dog shelter
  240. the girls had their vet appointment
  241. 33rd wedding anniversary today
  242. For France ...
  243. More Pictures Of The Birthday Flowers Paula Sent
  244. my Love prayer wall
  245. I'm back
  246. Greeting from me guys
  247. Thank you, Paula
  248. Thank You, Walter
  249. Let's all take a cue from Ringo:
  250. Benny